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Yes, many people will go through the trouble of opening a social account, maybe uploading a photo or adding a few facts here and there and then leave it at that. But when recruiters are your utmost need, dont forget your summary or leave it incomplete

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I love this – fearless job searker

True and false,

Anyway, an employer once told me not to send him a CV. He rather wanted a list of what I could help his new factory achieve in three, six and 12 months.

Yes, most available jobs is only got by connection, the CV is not even looked sometimes.

There was tension in Enugu on Friday, following the killing of two persons during a bloody clash between some Igbo and Fulani at Gariki Market, Enugu.
Those killed were identified as one Ali, a Fulani man and Ifeanyi Ifeacho, an Igbo man.
Vanguard sources said the incident happened on Wednesday evening.
An eye witness told Vanguard that trouble started in the market when Ali came from New Artisan market with a cow to slaughter in Gariki abattoir, where Ifeanyi worked as an attendant, following the closure of New Artisan market by the Enugu State government earlier this week.
According to an ey → Igbo And Fulani Clash In Enugu: 2 Killed, Mosque Burnt

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You don’t have to be an expert to have a strong foundation in Internet security. Knowing these internet security DOs and DONTs will really guide you to stay safe online.
Actually, the following online security and privacy tips are worth practising whether you’re a beginner or an experienced internet user.

– Be protected online
Important DOs and DONTs for Better Cyber Security
Tip #1
Do set up automatic update for your OS to guard against vulnerabilities and exploits.
Tip #2
Do keep your day to day software, such as browsers, Java, Flash and PDF readers, up to date.
Tip #3
Do always use up → Best Internet Security Practices: Top 12 Tips To Guide You

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Nowadays, social media can be a powerful self-promotional tool. And more than ever, recruiters are turning to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram to seek out their next hires.
A study has shown that 65% of employers have made hires through social media sites. Sites like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook have been game changers for the hiring and recruiting industry.
Regardless of your field, you need to be extra careful of how you look on social media, and do everything you can to make your online persona as attractive to potential employers as possible. These are 10 ways jo → 10 Ways To Optimize Your Social Profile To Get Job

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While some people just seem to effortlessly climb their career ladder by knowing how to approach and dazzle during an interview, others find themselves redundant and even anxious of an average interview.

These days, job seekers need to do more than send in a decent cover letter and arrive on time for the interview. You need to stand out from the crowd.
Detailed herein are 10 career tips that can transform your job application process to become a fearless job seeker. Fearless job seekers are people who have mastered the job hunting process by not only sharpening their skills, but also build → 10 Career Tips To Become A Fearless Job Seeker

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Sometimes, it can be frustrating when it seems that you’ve done all the right things for a better and successful job search, yet you’re still unsuccessful.
The fact is that their is a large number of unemployed people searching for the same job, so competition is always high.
While some frequently change jobs with less effort, others are so scared to leave their comfort zone – their current jobs. What is the difference? There are some job hunting secrets you don’t really know; and Human Resource Managers, HR are not always willing to divulge such secrets publicly. As revealed, let’s consider → Top 6 Job Search Secrets Revealed

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