The Fact About Hamattan And Human Skin

Dry skin usually require good body lotions and cleansers to keep them looking supple and attractive, but during dry season and harmattan it is advised that it be taken proper care of, because at this time some dry skins become more less attractive and sometimes almost appalling.

The cheapest way to keep your skin looking supple is, with Shea butter “ORI”. It is the cheapest yet very effective body oil for dry skin; however, if you are light skinned it might darken you, especially if you use toners, but if you are dark skinned you have nothing to worry about.

For a light skinned or dark skinned person you can enter shops that are into body lotions and all, buy moisturizers or lotions that contain any of these; Shea butter, Coconut oil or butter or Olive oil. An important thing a dry skinned person should imbibe to keep their skin supple is to buy baby oil or Olive oil, Olive oil is very good for the skin regardless whether dry or not. It contains antioxidants. After buying the baby oil or olive oil apply everyday immediately after washing or having a bath before toweling or drying yourself.



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The skin, the eyes and the respiratory tract which directly communicate with the atmosphere, get impacted by the
concentration of the pollutants in the atmosphere, depending on the health status of such person. Fear harmattan

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