20 Real Facts About Teeth Worth Knowing

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How much do you know about your teeth? Often times, we take our teeth for granted, until maybe something goes wrong. Our teeth play very important and unique role in our speech, smile, food digestion and general good health.

By arming yourself with the right basic dental health knowledge, you will indeed be taking the smart and all important first step towards giving your teeth its well deserved attention.

Let’s consider the 20 important facts about human teeth that are worth knowing, for our better and improved teeth care.

1. The hardest part of the body is the tooth enamel. The enamel is the white and topmost surface of the tooth.

2. In the absence of modern toothpaste, people used lemon juice, charcoal, ashes, chalk and other natural concoctions to brush their teeth.

3. Sugar and candy are sweet, tasty and irresistible, yet both are the most dreaded teeth enemies.

5. Human beings grow and maintain four different types of teeth – incisors, canine, premolars, and molars.

5. The maximum numbers of teeth developed by babies are 20 teeth, while adults have the total of 32 teeth.

6. The eight front teeth (up and down) are the incisors, the six teeth farthest back are the molars and in between are the canines(four) and the premolars(eight).

7. There are three main functions of human teeth – cutting, tearing and grinding food or object.

8. Human dentition start right from the womb, but only surface when the baby attain between 6-12 months old.

9. Baby teeth and adult teeth are the only two sets of teeth developed by humans.

10. Baby teeth, also called milk teeth get replaced by adult or permanent set of teeth within the age of 6 – 12 years. The adult teeth remain permanent for the entire life of the individual.

11. Just like the fingerprint, every human set of teeth are unique. No two people have identical set of teeth, not even identical twins.

12. Saliva is a good friend of the teeth. It enhances food digestion and protects the teeth from negative bacterial activities in the mouth, thereby preventing tooth decay, gum diseases and the likes.

13. Many diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes are linked to the oral and teeth health. Hence, poor teeth or oral health may be an early warning signal that mustn’t be ignored.

14. Study revealed that an average person spends 38 days brushing teeth over their entire lifetime.

15. One third of the tooth is underneath the gum, meaning only two third of the tooth’s length is visible.

16. A knocked out tooth don’t die immediately. It will only start to die after 15 minutes without preservation.

17. The life of a knocked out tooth can be preserved by putting it inside milk or holding it in the mouth. Such tooth can be carefully and perfectly restored through dental procedures.

18. Just like knocked out tooth, a cracked part of a tooth can be fixed or repaired by dentist if well preserved.

19. Brushing teeth on a daily basis can reduce the chances of tooth decay by 25%

20. The most dreaded tooth disease symptom among the youth is the decaying, while that of the adult is the pain.

A healthy set of teeth contributes to a healthy body and a pretty smile. Take good care of your teeth today.


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Thanks for sharing this great piece of info on this very important day of my life. I think I will start paying more attention to my teeth.

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Chinago Chinago:

Thanks for sharing this great piece of info on this very important day of my life. I think I will start paying more attention to my teeth.

Dont mention dear,
Next time, we shall be considering the effect of coldness and hotness on our teeth. Eat and remain healthy.

Merry Xmas.

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And moreover, can we chat pls? @nago

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If I deny my kids sugar and candy, what then do I offer them? Remember most kiddy biscuits, milk and even medications are very rich in sugar content. So?

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