12 Most Dreaded Teeth Enemies To Avoid

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Every good aspects of life have clear and direct oppositions. Imagine your harmless smile, and that of your friends? Yet teeth enemies are determined to ensure we don’t share that harmless, healthy and sparkling smile always. Teeth enemies are foods, habits, factors and practices that invariably expose our teeth to diseases.

While the tooth have struggled to attract and maintain a great league of friends over the years, namely, toothpaste, regular brushing, flossing, fluoride, water, healthy foods and the dentists, it has however continued to witness severe and constant bombardment from determined enemies joint forces against healthy tooth and its general well-being. In facts, the tooth enemies are becoming sophisticated every day.

Granted! Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in human body and also the first defence line against tooth cavities and tooth decay. However, it is by no mean invincible to tooth disease! To protect and defend our pearly whites from the ever aggressive and more determined dental enemies, we must discover first, before recovery.

1. Sugar: There are many reasons to cut sugar intake, and chief among the reasons is for healthy teeth. Sugar metabolism inside mouth produces lactic acid, which react to decrease and dissolve the calcium phosphate in the tooth enamel, thereby leading to the formation of tooth cavities. Tip: Reduce sugar and candy intake to the barest minimum.

Sugar diets
Sugar Diets

2. Teeth Grinding and Hard Brush: Teeth grinding while asleep can damage teeth enamel. Likewise, hard brushing to get rid of the sugar trace out of the mouth is not a good practice. Instead, it can lead to chipped enamel and gum diseases.

3. Fruit Juices and Soft Drinks: Soft drinks and citrus fruits like orange, grape and lemon are good to the body because it provide nutrients like vitamins C and D. Vitamin C and D are very essential for the health of the mouth, but excess acidic fruit juice or sugary drinks can be harmful by eroding tooth enamel, just like sugar.

4. Popcorn and Chips: Popcorn and chips are very high in sugar and carbohydrates. These produce lactic acid after several bacterial activities to weaken the enamel. Brush thoroughly after intake.

5. Processed Foods: A diet high in processed foods can weaken teeth by depleting teeth’s natural defence systems. The main problem of processed and packaged foods are over-sweetening and over-heating. Processed foods like flours, vegetable oils, noodles, artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial ingredients, and many more, are very rich in chemical additives. Reduce or eliminate processed foods at all costs.

6. Flour & Grain Products: Grain and flour products contain varying amount of phytic acid. Phytic acid interferes with the absorption of mineral elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc needed for a healthy teeth.

The author of the best selling tooth book – Cure Tooth Decay, emphasized on the need to avoid foods like white flour, wheat flour, organic flour, and any non fermented or unsoaked grain products like beans, cowpea and corn. More examples are bread, crackers, cookies, doughnuts, breakfast cereals, muffins, pastries, tortillas, and sandwiches. Tip: Dissolve the effects of phytic acid by fermenting your grains before use and avoid most store-bought flour products at all cost, even those labeled organic.

7. Tea and Coffee: In addition to promoting stained teeth, tea and coffee can also destroy the molecule called hydroxylapatite and also causes the stratification of tooth enamel. Stratification breaks the enamel into layers. It may be difficult to advice against the consumption of tea or even coffee in this case, but no price is too much for a healthy set of teeth. Try curtailing the habit, if you can’t completely avoid it, and don’t neglect a healthy teeth brush immediately after intake.

8. Alcohol and Cigarettes: Smoking and alcohol are generally bad for human health as well as teeth and oral health. They cause permanent damage to teeth and gums through decaying, gum diseases and even bad breadth. Both alcohol and smoking can produce sticky and difficult to remove layers of tarter on the tooth.

9. Junk Food: Junk food generally refers to foods that contain excess sugar, salt, fat and calories but with little nutritional values like protein, vitamins or minerals. Junk and convenience foods are generally bad for your smile because of its high sugar and fat content. It can damage your teeth and cause gum inflammation. And don’t ever forget, the number one cause of cavities and tooth decay is excessive consumption of sugar diets.

Moreover, convenient foods like noodles or pastas can overstimulate the production of dopamine in the body, which leads to over consumption and extra cravings. So, always remember, the more your system trick you to eat that convenient, easy-to-prepare and delicious meal (as they call it) , the more you expose your teeth to dangers.

10. Dry Mouth Drugs: It may surprise some to note that even most prescription drugs & vaccines can negatively impact teeth health. There are more than 400 drug medications that have the potential to negatively impact dental health.

Any drug that result to dry mouth after administration, will certainly encourage gum infections, tooth decay and de-colouration. To relieve dry mouth symptom in such situation, try sipping water or other sugarless drink periodically.

11. Bottle Crown Caps: As simple and harmless as this may seem , using teeth to open bottles of beer or any other drink is very dangerous to teeth health. Testimonies abound of those who lost a tooth or more to this practice. You could scratch your gum, crack your tooth, or even sustain jaw joint injury in the process. Avoid it!

12. Chewing Gum or Ice: Ice intake is never a bad idea, but chewing ice can lead to wear and tear on the surface of teeth and go on to weaken the tooth enamel. Likewise, the habit of chewing gum is not in the best interest of the tooth enamel.
Rather, it sticks on the tooth surface to encourage unhealthy bacterial activities, which generate acid to weaken the tooth and eventually promote tooth decay.

In conclusion

Any food, practice or habit that will directly or otherwise force you to sacrifice your healthy and sparkling smile is an enemy of the tooth, and should be sacrificed without pity before entering the pearly whites gate.

Our habits and some foods that we eat can cause or contribute towards tooth and gum infections. Therefore, by avoiding toxic and some artificial foods temporarily or permanently, you can reduce and even go ahead to heal tooth infections.

Never you forget, the number one cause of cavities and tooth decay is high sugar intake. Start avoiding foods with high sugar content like a plague, and save your teeth and of course, your healthy smile.


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Every good aspects of life have clear and direct oppositions. Imagine your harmless smile, and that of your friends? Yet teeth enemies are determined to ensure we don’t share that harmless, healthy and sparkling smile always.

I wonder ooo! Life is all about oppositions here and there.
Good to note that most of our cherished and long term habits and some delicious foods we consume contribute towards our poor teeth and oral health. Imagine chewing gum too?

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