Fuel Importation Will End In 2018 – Aganga

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Mr. Olusegun Aganga, has said that the Federal Government plans to ensure that the country stops the importation of petroleum products by 2018.

He said this during an interview on Friday during a visit to Mikano International Limited in Ogba, Lagos.

Aganga, who also inspected the manufacturing plants of the company, said going by the government’s Industrial Revolution Plan, which became effective in 2012, there were plans to make the country to stop the importation of refined petroleum products by 2018.

The minister said, “There are many sectors we should have developed over the years, but for decades, we relied entirely on exporting raw materials. That era has gone. That was why this administration launched the Industrial Revolution plan in 2012. We have started it already, and you can see it in the auto, the sugar, and the cotton and textile industries.

“If this investment goes according to plan; then by 2018, we will no longer import petroleum products into this country. We can no longer be a country that is import-dependent, especially in products we can produce ourselves. Nigeria has a comparative advantage in the agro-industrial, mining-related and petroleum sectors

While unveiling plans by the Federal Government to diversify the economy, Aganga listed the 13 national strategic export products in three categories thus: agro-industrial (palm oil, cocoa, cashew, sugar and rice); mining-related (cement, iron ore/metals, auto parts/cars, aluminium, and oil and gas); and industrial products (petroleum products, fertilizer/Urea, petrochemical and methanol).

Minister of Industry Trade and Investment Dr. Olusegun Aganga

Source: http://www.punchng.com/business/business-economy/fuel-importation-will-end-in-2018-aganga/


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better than never Aganga keep trying. #GEJTILL2019

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Ema O. Mba:

better than never Aganga keep trying. #GEJTILL2019

Would you keep quiet there Lies to get votes. We don pass that stage where we dey believe everey stories.

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When i read you guys comments, i am always elated. It clearly shows that the scales are all falling from the eyes of the masses. Now the people know better. We are tired of hearing lies upon lies from our so called “leaders”. But this kind of development takes time I must confess.

#VoteWisely #VoteNoFight

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Ahmed Garba:

Would you keep quiet there Lies to get votes. We don pass that stage where we dey believe everey stories.


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