How To Transfer Airtime Credit On MTN, Airtel, Glo & Etisalat

MTN Airtel Glo Etisalat airtime transfer

Have you ever been in a situation where you required airtime urgently? But in complete disappointment, you discovered that the possibility of getting airtime in such location or period was very unlikely. Situations like that abound and can arise anytime, even when we least expect it.

Interestingly, MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel and other Nigerian Telecom operators have envisaged such situations long ago and provided a simple solution – Airtime or Credit Transfer.

Zenith Bank, GTBank, First Bank, Access Bank, Ecobank, Diamond Bank and many other Nigerian commercial banks have equally devised different means of recharging ones airtime effortlessly on the go through USSD, Quickteller and ATM transactions. But what if these options are not available or applicable in your case?

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Detailed herein are straightforward guidelines to transfer airtime credit to and fro your friends and relatives, within MTN, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel networks.

MTN Airtime Credit Transfer

MTN airtime transfer is called Share and Sell and the SMS command code is as follow:
SMS Command: Transfer [space] MTN Number [space] Amount [space] PIN.
Example: Compose text message “Transfer 08039292419 100 0000″ and send to 777 for N100.

Within seconds, you should receive a notification prompting you to confirm the transaction. Send the word, Yes to 777 to confirm the transfer.

You can also transfer MTN credit using USSD code like this:
USSD Command:Dial *600*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#.
Example: *600*08030000000*100*0000# for N100 transfer.

Once the transfer is completed, you will receive a text message informing you that the transfer was successful. You can transfer a minimum of N50 and a maximum of N6,000 per transaction. Cumulative amount of N50,000 per day is applicable on MTN network.

Airtel Airtime Credit Transfer

Airtel airtime transfer is called Me2U and the SMS command code is as follow:
SMS Command: 2u [space] Airtel Number [space] Amount [space] PIN to 432.
Example: SMS “2u 08020000000 100 1234” to 432 for N100 transfer.

The Airtel beneficiary will receive a notification that their account has been credited with the relevant amount of airtime from your number. You will also be alerted to the success of the transfer. Airtel charges N10 per transfer, kindly confirm. You can also prompt other Airtel subscribers to send you airtime using the Credit Me service by dialing *141*8*recipient’s number# . The recipient will receive an SMS from your number which reads: “Please Credit Me”.

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Glo Airtime Credit Transfer

Glo airtime transfer is called Easyshare and the USSD command code is as follow:
USSD command: *131*Glo Number*Airtime Amount*Password#
Example: *131*08050000000*100*00000# and send, for N100 airtime transfer.

NOTE: The minimum amount is N50, and the maximum amount is N1000 daily.

Etisalat Airtime Credit Transfer

Etisalat airtime transfer is called Easy Airtime and the USSD command code is as follow:
USSD command: *223*Password*Amount*Phone Number#.
Example: *223*0000*100*08090000000# and send.

Note that you must have at least 10 Naira balance remaining after subtracting the amount you wish to transfer for the transaction to work on Etisalat network.

mobile password protection

Changing Default PINs

Airtime Transfer protocols are protected by network based default PINs. While MTN and Etisalat maintain similar 4 digit default PIN of 0000, Airtel and Glo default passwords are 1234 and 00000 respectively. Note that Glo’s is 5 digits.

It is highly recommended that you quickly change your default PIN number to avoid unauthorized access to your airtime by a third party.

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To Change MTN Share And Sell PIN

The MTN default PIN is 0000.
SMS Command: Default PIN [space] New PIN [space] New PIN, and sent to 777.
Example: Compose “0000 4422 4422” and send to 777.

USSD command: Dial *600*default PIN*New PIN*New PIN# Send/Ok.
Example: *600*0000*4422*4422# Send/Ok, to change your pin to 4422.

Once the default PIN is changed, you will receive a message that your PIN was changed successfully.

To Change Glo Easyshare PIN

The Glo default PIN is 00000.
USSD command: *132*00000*New Password*New Password# Send/Ok.
Example: *132*00000*44220*44220# and press the Send to change PIN to 44220.

You will be informed that your password change was successful.

To Change Airtel Me2U PIN

The Airtel default PIN is 1234.
SMS command: PIN [space] Default PIN [space] New PIN and send to 432.
Example: “PIN 1234 4422” send to 432. 4422 will become the new PIN.If successful, you may receive a notification like this: “You new password is 4422.”

To Change Etisalat Easy Airtime Password

The Etisalat default password is 0000.
USSD Command: *247*0000*New Password# Send/Ok.
Example: *247*0000*4422# Send/Ok for 4422 as new password.

The above password is also used to protect your transactions and special services on Etisalat network, such as call barring.

Airtime transfer services as provided by Airtel, MTN, Glo, Etisalat and other Nigerian GSM networks are also accessible via their corresponding application Service Menu on the phone.

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With these steps, you can now easily and happily share your airtime credit with your friends and family members whenever the need arises. Remember to keep you PIN secret and safe to avoid unauthorized access. Ok?



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