#QuittingSmoke: 10 Amazing Foods That Flush Nicotine Out Of The Body


As you may have known, smoking is a rough habit that can cause some serious damage to our physical and mental health. Yet unfortunately, it’s also highly addictive and hard to quit. The main addictive properties of smoking can easily be traced back to nicotine.

One of the main components of cigarettes, nicotine, is a highly addictive and toxic drug. Due to the presence of nicotine, cigarettes are causing high blood pressure, as well as big damage to the lungs and even when smokers quit, the aftereffects of nicotine still last for years. And as long as nicotine still exist in the body, no matter how little, it will continue to push or try to force the individual to consume it further, either by hook or by crook.

However, should you wish to cut the habit and throw those cigarettes away for good, Goodluck! There are healthy and natural ways to clean nicotine out of the lung without any adverse or unwanted side effects.

man smoking
– Nicotine by-product can last 20-30 days in the bloodstream

Research has shown that by eating more fruit and vegetables, you will have an easier time staying tobacco-free for a longer period. The study proved that those who consumed more fruit and vegetables were 3 times likely to abstain from tobacco for at least 30 days than those without. In addition, those consuming more fruit and vegetables smoked less often per day, waited longer before having their first daily cigarette, and scored better on a nicotine-dependent test.

So how could increased consumption of fruit and vegetable foods help people to quit smoking naturally?

– Less nicotine dependence.

– High fiber content makes people feel fuller – since smokers sometimes confuse hunger with smoking urges.

– Unlike meats, alcohol, and caffeinated beverages, fruit and vegetables don’t enhance the taste of tobacco, but may even worsen it.

– Engaging in a healthier lifestyle could consciously and subconsciously cause smokers to further shift out of an unhealthy lifestyle involving smoking.

It’s important to keep in mind that while cigarette consumption reduction can reduce the risk of lung cancer, it still does nothing when it comes to lowering the risk of heart attacks and throat conditions (e.g. bronchitis). The best solution is to quit, and quit for good. So, do you need some help getting nicotine out of your body in order to silence those frequent cravings to smoke?

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The fact is that nicotine decreases the amount of vitamin A, E and C, after quitting smoking. So, including food that are rich with these vitamins is very crucial in removal of nicotine from the system. Take it or leave it, these 10 foods can help you to completely flush nicotine out of the body:

1. Broccoli

This particular green vegetable is very rich with vitamin C and B5. Due to the years of smoking cigarettes, the level of vitamin C is at very poor level, so having broccoli in your meals will help reducing the poisons in your body and feeling much more energetic than you use to be.

There is also another benefit from eating broccoli, and that is its influence in losing weight, so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a few extra pounds after you quit smoking. It is also good for pregnant women.

2. Oranges or Citrus Fruits

As you probably know by now, oranges are very rich source of vitamin C, along with citruses like grape fruits. Once you implement these great fruits in your everyday lifestyle as a necessary source of energy and vitamins, your metabolism will be boosted on a high level.

– Grape fruit

Recent studies have shown that orange and citrus are also very good for stress release, so do not wait and start eating it.

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3. Whole Carrot or Carrot Juice

Overall, carrots are great choice for those quitting smoking, but drinking the juice only has proven to be more effective. A cup of carrot juice every day will fill you up with vitamins A, B, C, and K, which can help you flush nicotine quantities out of your body easily.

carrot juice
– Carrot Juice

4. Spinach and other green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are very good sources of vitamins and one of the best products for body cleansing. And at the top of the list of dark green leafy vegetables is the spinach. Besides being rich with the needed vitamins, it also contains high levels of folic acids.

Research shows that smokers tend to have a lower supply of folic acid than non-smokers. This acid is needed for maintaining muscle, nerve, and brain health; thankfully, there’s a huge supply of it in spinach. This vegetable is also highly recommended amongst the pregnant women who are worried about the amounts of nicotine in their body

– Spinach

5. Kiwi

It is one of the wonder fruits that can really help you to flush out all the poisons from your body, nicotine included. Kiwi is a southern fruit that is very rich with the following vitamins: A, C & E.

The levels of these vitamins in the bodies of the smokers are at a very low level, so eating kiwi and drinking a fresh made juice from it will really help you to get rid of the nicotine traces in your system.

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6. Pomegranate

These read and very delicious juicy fruit is the real remedy for your blood cells and the circulation process in the body. Besides working as a very good body cleanser, Pomegranate can help you quit smoking if you eat it at regularly bases, especially when you feel the need for nicotine.

7. Cucumber

Cucumber is made up of about 95 percent water, which means, eating it can help you stay hydrated. With vitamin K, B vitamins, copper, potassium, vitamin C, and manganese, cucumber as a wonder fruit, can help you to avoid nutrient deficiencies that are always caused by the existence of nicotine in the body. Remember, cucumber is economically cheap and widely available all year round.

Are cucumbers good for you
– Slice of cucumbers

8. Berries

Strawberries, raspberries, and berries in general are all great source of vitamins; hence a very effective fruit for flushing out the entire body system from many harmful and highly toxic materials, such as nicotine. So it is time to include these and other fruits in your everyday food menu.


9. Dry Herbs

Just like everything so far and above mentioned, these herbs are a great source of many vitamins, such is A, E, B and many others that are playing a main role in protecting your immune system, as well as cleansing your body from all the toxins inside. So do not hesitate to start implementing them in your everyday drinks, it is one of the most effective ways to flush out the nicotine from your body.

10. Water

You don’t need a soothsayer or a rocket scientist to know that smoking is leading to dehydration of the body. And, the best and one of the most effective ways to flush nicotine from the body and also quit smoking, is by significantly increasing the amount of your water intake. It will start flushing out the poisonous nicotine at a higher level.

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If I had known that

A cup of carrot juice every day will fill you up with vitamins A, B, C, and K

I would have been named Mr Carrot by now….

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Fact, smoking is a rough habit that can cause some serious damage to our physical and mental health… But here pips smoke like say tomorrow no dey

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