Oko Polytechnic Corrupt Lecturer Exposed And Disgraced, As Rector Weeps

oko actu in action

Oko, Anambra State – It was a clear show of shame and drama on Saturday, as those indicted by the Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU) of Federal Polytechnic Oko, were exposed and disgraced publicly.

Visibly embarrassed was one of the lecturers indicted for illegally forcing his Entrepreneurship Development (EED) students to submit items ranging from 15 buckets of Paints, 15 gallons of 20 liters oil, 30 buckets of Custard, etc produced by each group of 10 students and submitted to him without passing through the due process of Knowledge Acquisition.

As a result, students were forced to squeeze out their scarce feeding money to purchase EED(Entrepreneurship Development) items in markets in order to get better scores instead of bending down to learn from Professionals in the Skill acquisition center of the school.

items confiscated by actu in oko
– Items confiscated by ACTU

The Lecturer (name withheld) whose name has gone viral on Campus for perpetrating this evil act has been suspended with immediate effect by the Management while others are still facing panel.

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The ACTU Chairperson, Mrs Nwobi Nnenna said her unit has bogus reports on the non-repentant and already-suspended lecturer who forces students not only to purchase Supermarket items to earn few marks but also forces them to buy his textbooks that are sold outside the bookshop for N3000. She also posited that her unit has confiscated the items through the help of an informant who led her men to the building where the Lecturer stores all the items bought by the students. The ACTU Chairperson also took the Rector and his Management team to the premises where the confiscated items were kept.

When the Rector saw the numerous items allegedly submitted to the indicted Lecturer, he wept in the open. He angrily harped that Students should not hesitate to report Lecturers who are involved in such a dastard act without fear.

The Rector thanked the ACTU Chairperson and her team for doing a wonderful job of redeeming the image of the Polytechnic from maggoty personified Teaching Staff (Lecturers). He said he doesn’t believe that any Lecturer would continue mal-treating the Students after his pleas to them on many occasions.

His words “This is still unbelievable! This is pure extortion from my Students in disguise. It is lamentable and unfortunate that people enjoy it when the little ones cry. The Economy is not very good and as such, Students should not be made to go through all these. I built Entrepreneurship and Skill Acquisition Centre for the Students to be taught on how to be self-employed after their Polytechnic Education and not for criminals.”

oko polytechnic entrepreneurship development center
– Entrepreneurship Development Centre, Oko Poly

“Students should be taught how to produce these items and not forced to buy them outside for marks. The perpetrators of this crime have flopped the essence of Entrepreneurship Development and must pay dearly for it. The equipment needed for all these practical and the Professionals have been put in place in the Skill acquisition Centre to guide the Students. So why are all these students forced to go outside the school to enrich just few men? This situation must be thoroughly dealt with and the doers must be brought to book immediately,” he continued.

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The Rector further used the opportunity to reiterate his earlier warning to the Lecturers who boldly fail students in their 30% Continuous Assessments; asking them to have a rethink and stop the illegalities or face the wrath of the School Management.
He charged ACTU members to continue without fear in the discharge of their duties. While beckoning on all members of staff to cooperate with the Unit to achieve a corruption-free Institution, the Rector promised to ensure that ACTU is fully supported by the Management to carry out their assigned duties.

The Anti- Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU), was established by the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) as one of the implementation mechanisms for its Mandate on prohibition and prevention of corruption especially in the Public Service. Prof.Godwin Onu installed ACTU in Federal Polytechnic Oko when he took over as the Rector of the Institution to fight Mal-practices and Corruption.

buckets of paints and custards
– More items confiscated from the lecturers


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This is wickedness!

Does the lecturer wish to open a new supermarket? Or he want to use his students to favour his villagers during Christmas season? Very unfare

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If you ask me, na who I go ask?

Our lecturers bad gan! Greed and wickedness dey intoxicate some of them like new wine.

Osas O. Osadolor:

This is wickedness!

Does the lecturer wish to open a new supermarket? Or he want to use his students to favour his villagers during Christmas season? Very unfare

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Pitiable enough, this once happened to my friend.

You need to see what dis corrupt lecturers took home. They used to submit 5 units of whatever they produced to d EED lecturer nd his or her board of thieves. You will still remit 30% of the total sale u make that day.

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Lecturer and police are the same thing. Maybe we should replace EFCC with ACTU.

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