Sim Swap: MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat Welcome Back Simplified

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About a month ago, I was in the process of helping my mother draw water from the Well, when my two SIM Nokia phone suddenly slipped off my pocket and fell deep inside the Well. Shocked by that same act, I almost jumped into the Well in unison with the phone, even with clear knowledge of the dangerous volume of water level as a result of the intense raining season.

I was later comforted by families and friends, but the deed has already been done. My lovely business phone is gone; likewise my two precious business lines.

You too may have got your phone lost, stolen or damaged in a similar or totally different situation; and you wish to do a SIM Swap or SIM Welcome Back of the old MTN, Glo, Airtel or Etisalat line, this article is here to simplify the process on how to retrieve all network SIM by yourself.

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Easy MTN SIM Welcome Back

Well the Firststep is to goto MTN Welcome Back portal and fill in your details in the online sim swap form:

1. Title:
2. First Name:
3. Last Name:
4. E-mail Address:
5. Birthday:
6. Alternative number
b. Was your MTN line: Stolen? Lost? Damaged?
8. Enter the phone number of the stolen/lost/ damaged line
9. Answer 2 two question correctly for line ownership verification

How much Unit did you load when you last recharged?
What 3 GSM numbers do you frequently dial? please insert the full phone number e.g 0803000000

10. Information about the new SIM Pack to be used
11. Please provide the number of the new line or Kit Number on the pack of the new Prepaid Welcome Back, that you bought for this Welcome Back/ SWAP. (Phone number of the new line, starting with 0803 0r 0806 or 0703 or 0706 or 0813 or 0816 Note that you will need to buy a new MTN SIM Card but don’t insert it in the phone first until you have done the sim swap.

Airtel Sim Swap with Ease

1- Get a new airtel line or if you have any airtel line that hes never been insterted into any phone. It is not neccessary that you register the new line before you proceed.

2- First, if you have not registered on the Airtel Selfcare Portal click here and register on the portal.Please note that only the line you registere on the portal could be retrieved using the self care portal.

3- If you have registered on the portal, simply sign in, locate and click on the SIM swap icon on the portal. Fill the form that appears on the next page and click submit.

Please note that your three (3) frequently called numbers (Airtel or other network’s numbers), your last recharge denomination thus; N50, N100 or above and also, for how long back you have recharged the line -all these are important info about the SIM you lost that you must fill in the appropriate boxes correctly if you want the SIMSwap done without any delays.

Once you have submitted the form successfully, the original SIM would be blocked and within 24 hours, you can insert the new Airtel SIM whose serial number was given during the retrieval process.

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Glo Sim Swap

1. Photocopy and original of a valid ID card, is compulsory for both Prepaid and Glo Business SIM replacements

The following shall constitute valid IDs:
National ID/Drivers License or International Passport
Employee ID/Trade Union ID or School ID

* All IDs must bear a legible picture of the owner/bearer.

2a. Proof of ownership for Prepaid
SIM Certificate (cardholder) or Receipt of purchase
Police Report and Sworn Affidavit

2b. Proof of ownership for Glo Business
SIM Certificate (cardholder)
Copy of S.A.F. (Glomobile contract)
Glomobile Invoice of last 3 months (prior to line suspension
Written request/introduction from Corporates.
Police report and Sworn Affidavit
The Cost for SIM replacement is N100.00 only
Click on the appropriate link below to download a form for SIM replacement
Prepaid SIM replacement form
Glo Business SIM replacement form:
By Proxies SIM replacement form:

Etisalat Sim Swap

The Requirement are as follows

1) Get a new etisalat sim card.
2) Get the number of the old/lost/ stolen or damaged etisalat line.
3) Three Numbers You Call always with the old line.
4) An extra number for etisalat to contact you.
5) The New Line Serial Number.
6) The new line number.
7) The amount you load last on the old line.
8) Your email.
9) Your first & last name.
10) Your date of birth.

After getting all this set now visit Etisalat Sim Swap.
And enter those information there. You are through, insert your line after 24 hours and start enjoying your all new replaced SIM.

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