British Man Jailed For Selling Urine As Whiskey

A British man who sold coloured urine as alcohol has been branded a danger to public health.

Stewart, 35, of Palatine Road, Blackpool, was handed a 70-day jail term suspended for 12 months by the resort’s magistrates yesterday after he admitted fraud.

It was the second time in seven days that courts heard how Stewart had duped holidaymakers into parting with £10 a time for what they thought were sealed one and a half litre bottles of spirits.

The bottles were seized by security staff when Stewart was seen approaching customers in the massive Coral Island slot machine complex on Blackpool Promenade.

Some contained flat cola but Blackpool Council prosecutor Victoria Cartmell revealed the most sinister threat to public health posed by Stewart.

She told the court: “We are working with the police and will apply to the courts for a CRASBO against Mr Stewart forbidding him from selling anything in Blackpool.

“Two of the bottles seized from him were sent for analysis. They were purported to contain whiskey and vodka.

“But they were water laced with urine and faeces probably to give the so called whiskey colour.

“They were totally unsuitable for public consumption- they were hazardous and contained dangerous e -coli bacteria. This man is has been involved in 32 incidents and is a persistent and troublesome offender.”

Martin Hillson, defending, said he would be objecting to the CRASBO because it would even ban his client from selling The Big Issue magazine.

He said: “It is a blanket ban in a set geographical area.”

At an earlier hearing Mr Hillson said that Stewart carried out the alcohol scam because he needed money for food.

Sentencing Stewart to the 70 days magistrates told him: “You are a danger to public health.”

The court heard how Stewart used Smirnoff vodka and Jack Daniels bottles which he managed to re seal to dupe the public into thinking they were buying the real thing.

Coun Gillian Campbell, Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for public safety, said: “This individual has been a problem for consumers and retailers and, despite all our best efforts to deter him, has persisted with his scheme of attempting to sell fake alcohol.

“The products being sold are valueless and, in some cases, could be dangerous to health.

“We’re therefore pleased to have been able to bring him before the courts for these offences and we hope the sanctions that we’ve applied for will act as a further deterrent to him doing it again.”
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