Affordable Airtel Data Plans – July 2017

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Are you searching for reasonable Airtel data plans with correct flexibility? That legal plans that you can subscribe to with great peace of mind and realtime satisfaction?

Maybe as an android user, you have suddenly realized and concluded that your phone is got a leaking pocket somewhere, hence your search for that perfect Airtel Android subscription that will get you covered, both day and night, week days and weekends. One that will meet up and even exceed your data needs without further tearing your already leaking pocket? …LOL!

Then look no further! Outlined here bellow are 11 correct Airtel data plans that work on any device you can think of – Android smartphones, Java phones, iOS, Windows Phones, PS VITA consoles, Routers, USB Modems, and so on. Airtel data plans are available for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly validities and more.

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1. 30mb for ₦100 – 24 hours validity

Airtel has finally tripled the data previously allocated to their daily ₦100 plan all the way from 10 MB to a whole 30MB! Gracia Airtel!

Subscription code: Dial *410#

2. 50mb for ₦300 – 3 days validity

Valid for 3 days, this plan will actually cost you ₦300 for browse the net for 50MB.

Subscription code: Dial *412#

3. 5-Star Pack 25mb (5mb daily) for ₦100

This data bundle could as well be called Judicious plan. For ₦100, you would get 5MB every day for 5 whole days to surf the internet. Between this plan and the 2nd plan above, which do you prefer?

Subscription code: Dial *401#

4. 750mb for ₦500 – 2 weeks validity

For ₦500, you will get to browse the internet for two weeks with this 750MB plan.

Subscription code: Dial *418#

5. 250mb for ₦300 – 30 days validity

This plan is the Airtel popular Opera monthly bundle. Opera mini is very good in data compression, so except you decide to go on a downloading spree, 250MB will serve you over a month with Opera mini.

Subscription code: Dial *885*1#

6. 1.5GB for ₦1000 – 30 days validity

Airtel offers you 1.5GB worth of data for just ₦1,000. This plan is actually their Android 1.0 plan but as claimed on their website, this plan works for all devices, tested and trusted with reasonable consumption rate.

Subscription code: Dial *496#

7. 3.5GB for ₦2000 – 30 days validity

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

This plan is really delicious. For just ₦2000, you’d get more than double the amount of the data allocated to the cash equivalent of the previous plan which is also valid for 30 days.

Subscription code: Dial *437#

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8. 5GB for ₦2,500 – 30 days validity

This plan is for the always online guys. With additional ₦500, you equally get an additional 1.5GB data allocated to the previous bundle. ₦2,500 for 5GB to tear and attack the net anyhow for 30 days.

Subscription code: Dial *437*1#

9. 7GB for ₦3,500 – 30 days validity

With this Airtel data plan, one can surf the net anyhow like a pro; update apps, download files, stream YouTube videos until phone battery start calling Mama Mercy for help. 7GB for ₦3,500 internet bundle validity is also 30 days.

Subscription code: Dial *438#

10. 12GB for ₦5,000 – 30 days validity

With this Airtel data plan, you can get a whopping 12GB for only ₦5000. This plan is suitable for Internet Mongers. Those that drink, eat and breath in internet. Valid for 30 days, imagine that?

Subscription code: Dial *452#

11. 24GB for ₦8,000 – 30 days validity

This data plan is suitable for an active internet army with a good numbers of foot soldiers. Also valid for 30 days, you get a staggering 24GB for ₦8,000.

To subscribe dial *460#

How to Check Airtel Data Balance.

Checking your data balance on Airtel Nigeria is as easy as ABC.

To check balance: dial *140#

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Thanks for sharing….. Airtel shop on ma mind now

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I subscribed for the Airtel 5gb and it finished in less than 22 days. This is quite alarming. Airtel has adjusted their bandwidths, this is sheer reap off na. I can’t just change to another network, sigh.

Abi na shakara?

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Going for Airtel plan sub immediately man…. But am not sure of Airtel data speed here o

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