Escaped Python Strangled And Bit Two Brothers To Death, Owner Charged To Court

A python owner has been charged for criminal negligence causing death after two young brothers, Connor and Noah Barthe, were strangled by the snake.

The escaped python from a Canada’s Reptile Ocean’s pet store ‘coiled’ itself around the two brothers, repeatedly bitting them to death. “Most of the puncture wounds were found on the face,” a pathologist told the trial of the snake’s owner about the injuries to Connor Barthe.

python killed two brothers
An exhibit from the trial of Jean-Claude Savoie is displayed on Tuesday.

An escaped python coiled itself around two young boys, strangling them and biting them repeatedly, a pathologist told the trial of the snake’s owner Thursday.

“Most of the puncture wounds were found on the face,” Dr. Marek Godlewski testified Thursday about injuries to Connor Barthe, 6, at the criminal negligence trial of Jean-Claude Savoie in Campbellton, N.B.

Godlewski conducted autopsies on both Connor and his four-year-old brother, Noah, on Aug 6, 2013, a day after the snake killed them during a sleepover with Savoie’s son. He described each autopsy separately Thursday.

Godlewski found Connor suffered multiple puncture wounds, abrasions and bruises, as well as hemorrhages in his neck muscles, while Noah had multiple puncture wounds compatible with bites over his body. He says there was blood on Noah’s upper body.

Godlewski said the puncture wounds to Connor were consistent with snake bites.

“I do agree the pattern of the wounds (were) consistent with the pattern of the teeth of this snake,” he testified.

The boys died as a result of the snake “coiling” around them, he said, with the specific cause of death being “asphyxia due to neck strangulation.”

There was evidence of “coiling” around Noah’s chest and neck, as well as marks on his face and nose, he said.

Savoie’s African rock python had escaped its enclosure. It’s believed the snake travelled through a ventilation duct and fell into the living room where the boys were sleeping. Savoie’s own son, who was sleeping in a different room, was unharmed.

Earlier Thursday, John O’Brien, the boyfriend of the boys’ mother, testified he had noticed the cover for the ventilation duct on the floor of the python’s enclosure on several visits to the apartment — as recently as the week before the boys’ death.

The apartment was above a reptile store owned by Savoie.

The boys’ mother, Mandy Trecartin, lived next door to Savoie, and O’Brien said he came over the morning of the tragedy, pounded the door and shouted: “Oh my God, the kids are dead.”

O’Brien said he went to Savoie’s apartment, and found Trecartin’s sons dead on the floor.

“I checked for a pulse but there wasn’t anything. They were blue,” he testified.

Dr. James Goltz, the chief provincial veterinarian for New Brunswick, testified Thursday he saw nothing abnormal with the snake when he conducted a necropsy a day after the tragedy.

The Crown expects to call its final witness Friday.

Source: The Star

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damaged vent
Part of the duct system is seen in this photo from an exhibit, on the upstairs level of the Reptile Ocean pet store.

The incident happened back in August 2013; and after three years, the law is about to take its right path.


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