How To Detect Hidden Camera With Mobile Phone Or Signal Detectors

Do you suspect that you are being monitored? Or maybe you just want to make sure your privacy is duly protected, without giving rooms for any form of compromise?

If you are a frequent user of public places like hotel, trial rooms, changing rooms, student hostels, etc, the possibilities of being monitored by a hidden camera is very likely. Therefore, knowing how to detect a hidden camera with your mobile phone or camera signal detecting gadget is very necessary.

How To Detect Hidden Camera With Mobile Phone

Camera vs Camera: Ensure that the room is dark enough by turning off the lights and closing the curtains. Launch your phone camera without the flash light. Turn around the room with the cell phone. When tiny red or green LED light is found, that means a hidden camera or even microphone is installed there.

detect hidden camera with smartphone
– Detecting hidden cameras with a camera phone

Call Placement: This is how to detect hidden camera using android smart phone or any other big or small phones. Place a call on your mobile phone and wave the device around possible places that might harbour the hidden camera or microphone. If you can hear a clicking or cracking noise on the call, it means your phone might be interfering with an electromagnetic field. Just like the noise heard when listening to radio and still trying to phone in to same radio program.

If you can’t make a call there is a chance of a hidden camera too. The scientific explanation behind this phenomenon is known as “interference of fiber optic cable during the signal transfer”.

Manual Examination: Launch the flashlight of your smartphone and carefully examine books, clocks, air purifiers, lamps etc. If you notice any pinhole-sized holes, you might have a hidden camera in the room.

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How to Detect Hidden Camera With Signal Detectors

Likewise, you can buy hidden camera detector, which is actually much easier and reliable than searching for miniature cameras hidden somewhere among the hundred possible places in the room. The portable camera signal detecting devices are of different types and sizes.

You can hold one of them up to your eye, and look around the room. When it finds a camera, you’ll see the light reflection from the cameras LED. Another one vibrates when you’re close in close vicinity to a hidden camera. Others give off flashing lights or beeping sounds when you sweep specific objects that contain hidden cameras.

hidden camera detector
– Hidden Camera Detector

Manual Camera Detection

This involves a slow, and careful examination of the room or building you suspect is wired. Look around for anything that seems different or out of place, such as flower arrangements, pictures on the wall out of level or in unusual areas, or lampshades that don’t look normal. Other suggestions include:

  • Look inside flower pots, light fixtures, and other places where a microphone transmitter can easily be hidden.
  • Look under couch cushions, table tops, and shelves. Underneath shelves and table tops are excellent places for miniature cameras.
  • Check for smoke detectors you didn’t add, look for a speaker that might have a camera in it.
  • Look for wires that do not seem to go anywhere, such as an appliance or other familiar device. Such wired camera are mainly used for permanent surveillance in commercial areas.

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Your privacy is wholly your private business, guard it jealously!

Will you or have you tried any of the above guide? Have your say!


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