A Physician, A Theologian And A Lawyer In Heaven

A physician, theologian and lawyer each had become world renowned for the brilliance and creativity of their thought and erudition. Each had contributed major treatises advancing the scholarship in their respective professions. Each had been called upon by the world’s leaders to volunteer their invaluable time and intellectual talents toward the betterment of human kind and to help foster peace among the peoples of the world.

As fortune would have it, all three were traveling toward a summit meeting of the world’s scholars to once again contribute their great talents, when their plane crashed and all three were instantly killed.

As the first of these great minds, the physician approached the heavenly gates, St. Peter rushed out to greet him, grasped his hand and welcomed him warmly as a “good and faithful servant” to his eternal reward in heaven. Similarly, as the theologian
approached Heaven’s portal, St. Peter again rushed out and embraced the great savant with a warm embrace of welcome to his eternal reward.

At that moment, the lawyer, still a ways down the road, was seen approaching the gates of Heaven. Spontaneously the skies opened up with great songs and joyous hymns, the cherubim and seraphim were seen overhead singing angelic praises with Hosannas and Alleluias, and golden trumpets announced the pending arrival of the famous barrister. A great carpet was rolled out. From the skies, accompanied by flourishes from harps, rose petals fluttered down to mark her pathway as she approached nearer and nearer to the heavenly gate.

From just inside the portal, the physician and theologian were taken aback and approached St. Peter.

“We don’t want to complain,” they said. “We are happy to be here in heaven for all eternity, but we have a question.

“On earth, the two of us, like this attorney, were world famous for our scholarship and wisdom. Like her, we contributed our time and talents to the betterment of humankind. Yet, when we reached the heavenly gates, all we received was a warm handshake and a quiet welcome to our heavenly reward.

She, on the other hand, is being greeted by all of the heavenly cherubim and seraphim, a great golden carpet has been rolled out to mark her way to heaven, the golden trumpets are announcing her arrival. . . . Why is she entitled to such a glorious

“Shhh!” responded St. Peter, “You must remember, this is the first lawyer to make it to heaven in three hundred years!”


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I fear law as a profession oooo

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It is more easier for a camel to pass through a needle than for a lawyer to make heaven…. How much more a successful lawyer, why shouldn’t heaven jubilate?

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