When Dad And Mum Were Watching American Movie

My dad and mum were watching American movie one cool evening when I got attracted by the sound of the movie. I decided to join them, and as we were watching the movie, a young boy of my age started romancing his madam’s sister.

They eventually started kissing; and when the guy’s hand crossed the girl’s private part, I carefully and closely observed my dad, only to discover that his eyes and mood have changed.

Then I switched all my attention towards the video. They were still kissing, …they both fell into the chair next to them. Then I knew something was about to happen and surely the guy was about to open the girl’s bra.

Suddenly, my daddy looked at me with hard eyes and shouted with a loud voice – “Sly, have you finished your chores?” “Yes sir!” I replied with all boldness. “Then, go and iron my car” he thundered. And I became dumbfounded.


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LOL @Iron my car… d joke is rich

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So, expected him to allow enjoy the secret game with him?

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Cracked ribs walahi! My neboughs must be wondering why I am loosing control by this time of the night….

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LOL @ the joke
@sly and co, dont try this at home

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Letting Nigerians laugh away their sorrow… Great

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