Ladies And Their Favourite Foods – Joke

A lecturer walked into a class room and announced to the students that there will be an emergency test… He went straight to the black board and wrote the instructions which states:

1) Time: 15 minutes
2) No copying
3) No cancellation of answers
4) Once it’s time, just walk away from your desk.

Then he instructed the students to get ready… that it will only be a simple two questions test.

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Question 1: List four of your favourite foods

And just immediately, students started writing..

While boys were writing ughali, sukuma, beans, fufu etc.

Trust ladies now – they were busy writing hotdogs, pizza, shawarma, burger, vanilla iced cream etc.

All the ladies were happy until they saw the final question:

Question 2: Explain how to prepare your favourite foods as listed in question 1.

Behold girls and cancellation, even against rule number 3. In unison, they canceled all their first answer and started changing it to: yam, beans, white rice, egg, tea, abacha, amala, uji, indomie, chapo, ugba e.t.c. I was surprised when one girl even canceled pizza and replaced it with hot water.

Girls and their favourite meals, lol!

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students writing test


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Ladies and lies sha

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This joke make sense small…. Imagine?

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