10 Serious Signs That Your Android Phone May Be Infected With Virus Or Malware

The Android OS in general is fast becoming hacker’s playground. Given that it is one of the most popular and most utilized mobile OS, malicious developers and hackers are discovering new ways of exploiting existing loopholes within Android OS.

Armed with such highly coveted programming knowledge, hackers can easily turn your precious and harmless Android smart phone into a den of thieves.

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Knowing how to check virus in android smart phone has therefore become highly important. Many devices have been infected by malware or virus without the owners even knowing how to detect it. So in this post we shall examine 10 different signs that will help you detect if your smart phone is actually infected.

1. Pop-ups and unsolicited ads
If your Android device is regularly showing pop-ups, you might have set up an adware inside your system. Adware infections are the simplest to fix too. Simply go to the list of Apps installed. Eliminate the App which is accountable for showing the Ads.

2. Automatic Installation of Spam Apps.
This is one of the most common signs and most times it’s the first thing that happens when your phone gets infected. If you start noticing strange apps that you don’t remember ever installing on your device then there is a great chance your phone has been infected. Most of this apps are almost impossible to uninstall as they automatically change to system apps. It is advisable at this stage to disable”Allow installation of apps from Unknown sources” from security settings, before searching for a permanent solution.

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3. Sudden Increase In Data Usage
If a harmful program gets in your Android, it might aim to connect to a data source for showing Advertisements or sending data. This indicates they consume bandwidth more than it is used generally. So if you discover your bandwidth use is unusually high, do search for a malicious app which might be consuming this bandwidth.

4. Connectivity Turning On By Itself
Of course before ads can appear on your mobile phone, internet connection must be available and that is one of those things cyber criminals try to take care of when attacking your smartphone. So most times another thing you will notice when your phone is infected is that both your mobile data and WiFi turns on by itself. Sometimes it also affects the Bluetooth. No matter how many times you try to turn them off, they will always come on again automatically.

5. Frequent Phone Lagging
If you by any chance let malicious apps gain access into smartphone, Then they literally take control of your device by constantly installing unwanted apps automatically and also pushing pop ads to your phone. When this happens, you will notice that your phone will start hanging more than it used to and the general performance of your phone will continue to reduce everyday by day until your phone becomes almost useless.

6. Phone Overheating
It’s normal for most phones to get a bit hot when using it a lot. But it’s abnormal when your phone starts overheating even when you are not using it at all. If you start noticing this on your smartphone, you might want to clear up unwanted apps and make sure you always kill background apps when not in use. But if it still continues there might be malware on your phone which runs in the background even when you are not using your phone.

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7. Requesting for Unusual Permission
It is common for Applications to demand access to your address book, email lists and so on. It can be justified for certain Apps where it is needed for its smooth performance. But not all Apps require access to these details. So, if you notice an App asking for personal information which is not related to its job function, you have to suspect the App. Remove it after making an appropriate examination.

8. Suspicious Online Activity After Usage
If you notice any unusual activity reported in your online activity, there is a possibility your phone is hacked and the hackers might have delicate information. Change the password of your account. If the online activity appears to have originated from your Android, you might have harmful files inside. Eliminate unwanted and suspicious looking file.

9. Apps Lock Specific Features with Payment Demand
An authentic app developer would never ever hold you to ransom by disabling specific features unless you pay for the App. Eliminate these Apps as they do not deserve to be in your Android phone.

10. Fast Battery Draining
When you have malware installed on your phone, it will always run in the background even when you try installing app killers, they won’t be effective on them in any way whatsoever. When this happens, you will surely start noticing most of those signs mentioned above like your phone lagging or overheating which will affect your battery performance. So if you notice a sudden drop in your phone’s battery performance then it might either be that your battery is bad or you have some malicious apps draining your battery in the background.

The good news is that you can actually prevent your smartphone from being infected by any of the malware and viruses out there. Hence the need to know how to check virus in android phone first.

All Android viruses and malware infections are delivered via apps installed on your device, so if your phone or tablet doesn’t already have a virus, the best way to avoid it is to be very careful which apps you install – Preventive. You also need to learn how to detect when your phone is tampered with, before you can Cure it.

It is therefore highly recommended that unless you know what you’re doing – is to never install software outside of the Google Play app store, and by default your phone or tablet settings will be configured to do just that.

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Thanks for this all important info…. I have been suspect my Android phone, now I have to monitor it closely with these clues.


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