Hilarious Translations Of A Yoruba Olodo

Mumuni, a Yoruba student, was asked to translate the following sentences into his favourite language, and behold his almost intelligent translations:

1. It took time before the fish died… Ans: “EJA CU LATE”
2. I put JERRY in a CAN… Ans: “JERRYCAN”
3. Tunde’s dad drags Shola… Ans: “BABA-TUNDE FA-SHOLA…”
4. ABU ran Away … Ans: “ABUJA”
5. It’ll be long before Dan will come…Ans: “Dan-go-te”

6. I miss road. Ans: “I Shina”
7. The rainbow has a mother…….Ans: “Iya-Rainbow”
8. The only native I can wear to the Alter is: Ans: “Alternative”
9. FRANKly speaking, EDO girls are Hoes… Ans: “FRANK EDOHO”
10. You’re Just too Thin…Ans: You should be called “Justin”

11. I beat Lisa……Ans: “MonaLisa”
12. When Obertan missed the goal, Ferguson shouted….. “O ber Tan”
13. I pack rumors call me…….Ans: “Pakurumo” ?”
14. I counted my foam …..Ans: “Mouka Foam”
15. Funmi dribbles Sean……Ans: “Fumigation”

16. My Hoe Don Land……..Ans: “Holland”
17. My Ex can Sieve any Clue…Ans: “Exclusive”
18. My Aunt Eloped with her boyfriend……..Ans: call her”Antelope”
19. My Dad Showed me my lost Key…..Ans: “Daddy Showkey”…

Mumuni! Olodo!!


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Very funny

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