Facebook Jail: 20 Important Tips To Avoid Being Blocked By Facebook

Chilling stories abound of interesting and sophisticated Facebook users that suddenly found themselves in “Facebook Jail,” for breaking Facebook rules of engagement. Such hitherto active and prosperous Facebook users would suddenly realize one day that they are no longer allowed to post any links from their personal websites or blogs to their personal timeline, Facebook groups and/or even on their Facebook Pages.

facebook jail
Stay away from Facebook Jail

Some are even get to experience the popular biblical baptism of fire treatment after waking up one promising morning, only to discover that their entire Facebook accounts (both business and personal) have been deleted, leaving them with the only option of starting afresh.

If you consider the huge amount of time and resources you or your company have committed into social media marketing, it can only be devastating to experience such Facebook Jail treatment. Worst still, Facebook has made it extremely difficult to appeal their decisions or even talk to a live person, who can hear you out or perhaps explain the sudden blockage.

Bellow are 20 tips on how you can avoid being put in such unfortunate situation. These tips will greatly help you to stay away from Facebook Jail:

1. Do Understand Facebook’s Terms of Service
Most sanctions on Facebook can be avoided by following their rules. Unfortunately most people do not read them. Avoid Facebook Jail today by reading their TOS that relate to your area of use at least.

2. Don’t use a business name for a personal profile/timeline name
You cannot create a personal Facebook account using “Susie’s Sweet Shop” as the name of the account, just so you can post within groups and elsewhere as the name of your business. Profiles/Timelines are for real people and need to use your real name.

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3. Don’t use Auto-Add scripts
Some scripts will save you the hustle of adding multiple members to a Facebook groups but what you need to know is none of these scripts will add over 800 friends without getting you restricted. If you are trying to add less than 500 members then you might be successful but try and keep a limit.

4. A person can only have ONE Facebook account
From your personal account you can create multiple business Pages but you can only have one personal account. Use your Account Settings to add multiple email addresses to your account if you want to make sure business contacts can find you easily.

5. Do not post overly promotional items on a personal account
One of Facebook most controversial rules is that your personal Timeline cannot be used for commercial purposes. In general when you are sending a marketing message including a link or call to action, it should be from a business Page, not a personal Timeline. Sure you can talk about what you are doing in your business, and also share other official information, but including a link to where they can buy or sign up crosses the line into promoting, and Facebook wants all of that to occur on business Pages.

6. Avoid posting your web link to multiple places within Facebook in a short time
When sharing your business website link within Facebook groups or other Pages, even when it is encouraged by the group or Page admin (such as on Facebook Friday) avoid doing so in multiple groups in short succession. It is never a good idea to blast your link all over the place on the web anyway – it appears desperate and spammy.

7. Don’t post Restricted Content
Restricted content will not only get you banned from posting in Facebook groups but might also cost you your account. Such content include links from Adult sites, Fraudulent sites. You can read Facebook’s community standards and know the kind of content they don’t allow on the social network.

8. Use Auto Posting applications the right way
Auto posting applications do work and will help you post to multiple Facebook groups or pages at once. If you post to very many groups in a day then you will get blocked from posting on Facebook groups and lose your developer’s account as well. When using any Facebook multiple group poster, try to keep the time interval between the posts to at least 30 seconds and post to less than 30 groups a day.

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9. Add reasonable intervals between your posts
Whether it’s because of enthusiasm, in a productivity rush or persistence, we often end up posting identical content in multiple groups or pages at the same exact time. This is the type of behavior that gets us into trouble with the “Facebook Police” that are always on the hunt for SPAMMERS.

If they notice that you are sharing the same information everywhere all at once, it’s very likely that you’ll get thrown into virtual Facebook Jail.

Lets say you are auto posting 5 posts in 2 seconds, this will automatically alert Facebook spam detectors but if you add at least 10 seconds in between the posts it becomes harder to be identified. If you are posting 30 posts try and keep a 5 seconds interval, 60 posts try and keep a 15 seconds interval, 100 posts try and keep a 50 seconds interval. It’s possible to post to 100 groups in a day if the right intervals are set but still it’s not advisable to post more than 100 times consecutively in groups with one account. You can try posting 50 times then post another 50 after 5 – 7 hours.

10. Do not use Facebook Messages to send promotional content to multiple people at once without their consent
Facebook does allow you to send a message to up to 20 people at a time but this function is designed for people who all want to discuss something – not for someone to broadcast an advertising message. When you send a group message, every reply or activity on that message is sent as a notification to all 20 people, and this gets annoying fast. Members in the message will click the settings to leave the conversation and mark it as spam. It is against Facebook’s rules to send commercial messages to people without their consent.

11. Do not repeatedly send the same message to different people or post the same item in different places
This is tracked by Facebook and seen as spam or harassment. If you have a useful, non-commercial message to send (say, connecting with someone for your class reunion) simply vary the wording and personalize the messages or posts. If you want to share your blog post to several different groups, simply add a caption that is relevant to the place you are posting it on Facebook, so it is seen as a unique post. You can also spread them out over time to be on safer side.

12. Watch for competitor saboteurs
Unfortunately, since it is so easy for people to mark a post, Page, or message as spam, it has recently been discovered that unethical competitors may simply be trolling you, your pages or posts and marking them as spam, whether they are or aren’t. If you are aware that someone might be doing this, the first step would be to ban them from your profile or page. This way they will not be able to see your posts or interact with your pages. You can also visit their personal Timeline and click the little gear and then Report/Block them individually.

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13. Do not friend-request people who are not likely to accept you or are not expecting it
Facebook logs both your unanswered friend requests and your rejected ones. If you have too many people who did not accept your friend request (no one knows the magic number) you might be considered a spammer, since they will often friend-request many people they do not know. Also when people delete the request on their end, Facebook makes it easy for them to mark you as spam. Remember Facebook is a social network, designed to be used to stay connected to people you know. This is especially important if you have no mutual friends.

14. Do not private message someone who is not your Facebook friend
This is an automatic red flag and although Facebook has a small tolerance for it once in a while, if you do this too often you will surely end up in Facebook jail. The assumption is that if they wanted to receive messages from you, you would be friends. This is similar to the opt-in rules of the CAN-SPAM act whereby someone needs to acquire written permission to be able to email marketing messages to another. Facebook does not want to get in trouble for spamming any more than you do.

15. Outdated applications that violate Facebook’s terms can flag your account or get your business Page taken down
This one is scary since for a long time many people used apps to create landing pages for their business Page and the companies that created the apps and tools to do this were not in compliant with Facebook’s terms. It was recently reported that apps/tabs that take users off of Facebook can get flagged.

16. Only tag people in posts they appear in AND which they would approve
Never tag someone that is not actually in the picture, and never when you aren’t 100% sure they would appreciate it. Everyone gets a notification when they are tagged and if the person removes the tag and then reports the tag, you are at risk. If you want to alert someone to a post, tag them within the comments.

17. Only use images you are 100% certain you have permission to use
You cannot grab an image off the Internet and use it unless it has an open creative commons license or you have purchased a license, or you have permission from the originator. This includes whether or not you have altered the image, or included it in a collage or “polyvore” style post (those aren’t for commercial re-use) or even if you got it from someone else and assumed THEY had permission.

It’s your responsibility to be sure. The person who created the image can very easily do a “reverse image search” to find all the places the image appears, and mark your post as an intellectual property violation which Facebook takes very seriously.

18. Do not copy and paste someone else’s post or image to repost
Facebook sees this as duplicate content which is similar to how Google does not want exact copies of the same blog post or article – it does not serve its readers to have multiple copies, unable to credit the original. Best to simply click share and then add your own content. If you see something you want to say that is similar to someone else’s post, create your own verbiage so it is different.

19. Do not friend-request people you do not know or aren’t otherwise connected to
Social media is actually about connecting with people, not collecting people. The reason for this is that after people ignore your friend request if they do not want to add you back, Facebook asks if they know you. If they say NO that they do not know you, your account is flagged. I do not know the magic number but if your account is flagged too many times, you are blocked from sending friend requests, since it appears you are adding people to spam them.

20. Do not promote your business on other business’ pages or walls without being asked
Whether it is a “wall post” or a comment, it is not OK to visit another business and tell their network all about yours. Would you go into a store and pass out fliers about your store across the street? The page admin will likely delete your comment and mark it as spam, flagging your account.

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