14 Powerful Ways To Attract And Keep Men

Only few ladies can boldly go after men that appeal to them, either for relationship or for marriage. Not to talk of here in Nigeria and Africa where ladies hide under culture and religion as a gateway ticket to Pretension Island.

Let’s consider these secrets and powerful methods ladies use to attract and keep responsible men for relationship or marriage. These are pure ladies secrets, tips and tricks – their powerful ways to attract and keep men. As a man, beware of these signs, they could indicates the lady involved likes you.

1. Her Makeup

Indeed it does wonder in transforming an ordinary woman into a beauty. If a girl knows how to use this art, most likely, you have never seen her real face. You may not even know her without the makeup. And she invests time and money in her great looks, too. However, some girls naturally overdo it and attain just the opposite effect.

2. Her Confidence

A self-confident girl shines like a star in the sky. Even when she does not wear any makeup or high heels, she captures men’s glances and attracts suitors. Confidence is very attractive.

Do you know your worth and value? Do you love yourself for who you are, and the way you look? Don’t forget: these things show in your personality and carry yourself. Men get easily attracted to women of confidence. Always remember, confidence and not pride nor arrogance.

3. Short Skirts

Men love to behold hot and fresh skin. Women skillfully use it to make you watch her and think of her all the time. So, if the girl starts wearing shorter outfit when she meets you, beware, she likes you!

4. High Heels

These make her feet look so much sexier, but wearing them may hurt. So, even if you have to pay for the date, keep in mind, she pays her price to look her best for you!

5. Tone of Voice

When a lady’s tone becomes so velvety, low and sexy, there is more to the whole drama. She got those tones saved for her very special occasions and men. Don’t think she would waste them for someone she doesn’t care about.

6. Friendly Disposition

To be a friend, you need to be friendly, they say. Relationships are founded on friendships. So, you have to learn to be friendly. You need to be approachable. Make it possible for people to get along with you easily; always show love, caring and kindness. Learn to wear smiles on your face. This way you would be attracting the attention of responsible men with ease.

7. Academically Inclined

Hardly would men of nowadays wish to marry a lady that is a dull brain, no matter how rich he is and no matter how beautiful she is. So, endeavor to channel some of your TV and movie time to educative reading.

8. Being Interesting

Men can’t be expected to always keep a conversation going, so you’re going to have to spur the conversation. Arm yourself with ready-made interesting topics to always talk about. When a woman can be incredibly interesting, men will be attracted despite what the woman looks like.

It’s also very attractive when such lady tends to love a few “guy” things, such as sports or video games. If you can hold your own in those activities you will attract more men easily.

9. Being Playful

Most guys want girls who don’t take themselves too seriously, because this makes guys more comfortable. Start giving guys a few playful punches to the arm, a tussling of the hair, a poke in the waist, jokes etc. A lady that can take a playful insult and maybe deliver a few playful insults on her own can easily find her way into a man’s heart and magnetize him.

Men love a woman who knows how to exude a playful vibe. You know how humor is the way to a woman’s heart? Well, the same applies for men.

10. Sexy Lingerie

You can see it from under her clothes. Even if she does not plan on having sex with you right away, these lovely items on her body boost her self-confidence. She feels differently wearing a nice and hot lingerie when talking to you.

11. Smell Good

Your breath and your perfume are absolutely crucial. Bad breath on girls is probably one of the biggest things that can completely turn off a man and I’ve had a lot of prior experience. Bad breath and body odor is a sure bad market even for beautiful ladies.

Keep perfume, breath mints and gum handy, and always brush your teeth and tongue very well anytime you’re about to meet a guy.

12. Her Hair

Want a bet? If she undoes all her makeup and hair, you would probably not recognize her! Some girls use hair extensions and other tricks to fool men and get them hooked. Again such things are time-consuming and costly, but they always pay off.

13. Play a Little Hard to Get

Yes, men cherish what they can’t have easily. So when you display to him that you have several options, then this really makes him want you. This is akin to playing hard-to-get, however, you do need to show interest because many men will move on if they don’t feel like they’ve planted a seed of interest in you. This means flirt with him, but also let him know that you have other men in your life that can easily sweep you away if he doesn’t act.

14. Initiate

When other options fail, don’t be afraid to make a move on guys. Although it is usually not recommended, there are some guys out there that are shy as well, and as such need a pretty big sign before they start making the move. The best way to let a guy know that you are interested is to ask him if he wants to hang out.

You can just frame it as a joke. However, if you really can’t initiate it, or maybe you are equally shy, you can as well give him an opportunity to ask you out. For example, by telling him that you are really bored or telling him you can’t wait to see a certain movie.


So, if she is open to you and you have fun being around her, most probably she likes you and wants you to respond back to her efforts. Knowing these ladies secret and tricks can help you to spot ripe opportunities for dating and love.

So, once you see a lady displaying some or any of these signs, feel free to grab the opportunity as offered to you on a platter.

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