20 Profitable Business Ideas That Can Make You A Millionaire In 2018

From Zero To Million

Considering starting a new business? Then 2018 is interestingly your year to get it started. With improved technology, new and creative business ideas popping up everywhere, there is no better time to become a millionaire than now. If you are ready to take on entrepreneurship in 2018 but don’t know where to start, here are smart and profitable business ideas that can really make you a millionaire.

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Armed with these business ideas, your next stop is to acquire the necessary skills. Skill acquisition is a route any business minded person would happily trade alone with confidence anytime, any day, irrespective of age, race, color, nationality or gender.

There are so many business skills out there that are profitable but let’s consider the very best and smart 20 business skills that are most likely to make you a millionaire in 2018. Note: Most of these are online business ideas.

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1. Blogging

Blogging is undoubtedly a great and profitable business idea you can venture into in 2018 for a greater return. If you can master great skills like web design, graphics design, programming, mobile app development, wordpress plugin development, wp template customization, content creation techniques, social networking, etc and go on to blog about it, you are in for it – next millionaire.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves the process of attracting website traffic or attention through social media sites. From social media managers to social media marketers, social media strategist, social media analyzer, this is what they stand for – traffic generation.

This business idea is really important these days because companies and big brands are in continual need of social media influencers to positively project their image or that of their products or services to their potential clients, customers or audience through social media buzz.

3. Content Creation and Marketing

As a content creator or marketer, your skill is to create contents that will inform, educate, entertain and inspire your potential audience.
This is a great business idea that is currently in a hot demand worldwide. Many bloggers have multi tasked themselves to the extent that they need third parties to be able to meet the needs of their core objectives – content creation.

This business idea, therefore involves the creation and marketing of digital content like article, video, infographics to established online publication entities like bloggers and online firms.

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4. Digital Marketing

This business idea is all about the promotion of products or services through electronic media in general. From email marketing to PPC advertising, social media, mobile phones and electronic billboard, all are great business opportunities waiting for industrial experts to harvest.

So, if you have great potentials in digital marketing, get yourself packaged, target great brands with great quotations, and in a short while, you will sure smile to the bank on a regular basis.

5. Information Marketing

Every day, millions of internet users worldwide bombard search engines and forums alike in search of readily available and yet unavailable information to improve their lives.
Imagine that you are able to package and thoroughly address five of such challenges and present same in a book, video or other medium; accompanied with a great awareness creation about such package, your congratulations await you.

Information marketing is therefore, about providing useful and most needed information to information seekers with the aim of helping them solve their problems and in return, make some cool cash off it.

6. Affiliate Marketing

This is equally a profitable business idea that doesn’t involve much effort from you. All that is required from you is mastering the basics – how it works.

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting other people’s (usually an established company or brand) products for a commission right after a sale is made.

Jumia, Konga, Slot and Yudala Affiliate Programs can fetch you millions if properly implemented. Knowing how to promote such company’s product through various media will really count in your favour.

7. Logo design/Branding

Logo design is one branch of graphics design that is continually in need of unalloyed creativity and unique conceptualization. Many small businesses are coming up every now and then. There is therefore a great demand for these small businesses to stand out from the crowd for proper representation.

If you can establish yourself as an expert in designing professional logos for them, then get ready for real business. As a “one way” logo designer myself, I can testify to this fact. You will need a good understanding of applications like Coreldraw, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and/or Adobe Fireworks.

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8. Web Banner Design

With the recent boom in internet marketing, online advertising has since changed gear. If you can create beautifully designed banners from the scratch, you can work solely as a freelance banner designer or work with a team.
There is hardly any website these days without two or more banner placements, hence the continual existence of business opportunity in online banner design industry. Having worked as a part time banner designer for years, I can recommend this business idea to any one, any time, any day. With good knowledge on how to design still banners, gif and flash animation, you surely will excel here.

9. Web Designing

Web design business has really gone a long way in empowering youth financially. With thousands of blogs and websites coming up every now and then, you can never run out of business.
This is a skill you can acquire with ease, from basic to advanced level within two months. And then you begin to make decent income monthly, weekly or on schedule.

10. SEO

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the practical implementation of standard and some times, non standard rules in ensuring a website can easily be found via search engines for words and phrases that are relevant to what the site is all about.

So the job of an SEO expert is to ensure that clients websites rank high on search engines result pages. One of the shortest possible way to be in hot demand over the net is to become an SEO geek. Master this skill and get ready to become a millionaire in 2018.

11. Web Development

Don’t get it twisted. Web designing is different from web development. Web development actually focuses more on the backend transaction of the website. Site owners will always look out for great web developers to add that magical experience and feel on their website or blog.

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12. App Development

Mobile App development is the process of creating a mobile app that runs on various Mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows.

This one is a hot cake that will perhaps never cool off. Mobile apps are created everyday to solve specific problems. This is one of the hottest skills needed in this 21st century.

13. Plugin Development

Plugin development is all about organized customization, modification, and improvement of an existing theme based website like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Instead of changing the core programming of of the website, you can simply add functionality to such website through plugin. WordPress plugin development, for example is a multimillion dollars business idea ready to be fully exploited in 2018.

With a good PHP programming skill and a clear cut business model, anyone can excel in this business within a very short time.

14. Photography

As far as there are cameras, people will never stop taking images of themselves. You can choose to specialize on technology, events, people, places or wildlife. An image taken at the right time and right place could go viral and make you famous. Monetary proceed from photography is like the ageless royalties return from patented intellectual properties.

15. Photo and Video editing

This business idea will require the ability to edit images or videos to make it look extra-ordinary. With the rising popularity of Instagram, joining forces with the overwhelming possibilities of Twitter, Facebook and Google+, individuals, companies and brands all over the world need people that can edit their videos and pictures and make them look unique and highly presentable.

16. YouTube Video Making

Yes, this one sounds familiar to most folks. Individuals, companies and brands need people who can create, edit, publish and perhaps manage their YouTube channels. Can you?

Now if you’re good at editing professional YouTube Videos, you’re in for real business.

17. Importation

Surprisingly for some people importation is actually a skill you need to learn because importing goods from other countries into Nigeria successfully is not something everybody can do. With the right knowledge and fair capital you are good to go. Even Jumia and Konga import most of their goods.

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18. Coaching/Consultancy

Newbies are here and there and they are really in need of an expert to advise and guide them on the right path to success. Now, if you’re an expert in one or two of the skills mentioned above, you will be paid handsomely for it. And that will make a great business opportunity for you.

19. Graphic Designing

This has to do with having a good knowledge of how to use graphic packages like Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc to design things like flyers, banners, complimentary cards, invitation cards, ID cards, passport and a whole lot.

I know a few friends who are doing very well with just designing stuffs for individual, organizations and companies.

20. Content Creation

Many online business or bloggers struggle to consistently create high-quality content that will engage their target audiences and achieves their organizational goals. Hence outsourcing content creation is a great emerging business idea.

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The beauty of the above outlined skills is that you don’t actually have to sit in a classroom and listen to one boring lecturer for 4 years. In fact, you can acquire any of these skills in the comfort of your home within the next 2-6 months without spending so much.

So, which of these business ideas are you interested in? And of which are you currently taking advantage of? Any plus or minus? Have your say!


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