How To Run Multiple WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram On Android With Parallel Space

Parallel Space

Parallel Space is an application that is programmed to allow its users to manage two or more different user accounts for any app installed on their Android device. With Parallel Space, you can clone and run multiple social and game accounts of the same app simultaneously, and use different themes for each cloned apps.

Even as a lightweight app, Parallel Space still allow users to login with extra accounts into virtually all Android app that has login interface. Whether it is Whatsapp or Twitter, Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn, etc you’ve got your favourite apps covered.

This app provides compatible support for more than 99% of the apps in the Google Play Store, and still counting.

How Parallel Space Work

1. To start using Parallel Space, download Parallel Space from the Play Store. The app will install in a few seconds and you can tap on Start to begin using it.

2. Enter the Clone Apps page, and choose the apps you want to run multiple times. You will find a list of all the apps that are supported by Parallel Space. Choose the apps you want to use with multiple accounts. Tap Facebook icon for example to open the app to sign in using the second account.
3. Simply sign in to second Facebook account and start using it normally as you would.

4. Similarly, add all the apps you want to use with multiple accounts to Parallel Space.
5. You can also create multiple clones per app; which would enable you to use as many accounts as you want using the same app.

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More Features of Parallel Space

In addition to affording Android users the needed opportunity to run multiple instances of other stand alone apps, Parallel Space is loaded with extra features that ensures it stand out from the crowd.

For instance, with its Incognito installation feature, you can install and enjoy complete access to an app from Parallel Space without the app showing anywhere else on your android phone. With Parallel Space Incognito Installation, you can’t even view the apps in the App Settings page. More Parallel Space features are as follow:

Security Lock:You can use a security pattern password to prevent unauthorized access.

Cloned Apps on Home Screen: To avoid opening Parallel Space every time you wish to use multiple accounts of an app, simply add the cloned app to your android phone home screen. This feature allows only one instance of cloned app on the home screen.

Separate Notifications: When you run multiple instances of an app, you will need clear notifications for each clone. Parallel Space shows separate notifications for each cloned app. To prevent incessant notifications however, you can use the Do Not Disturb Mode.

Incognito Installation of App: If you want to use an app without running it as a stand alone, you can use the incognito installation feature of Parallel Space. Parallel Space Incognito will prevent the app from showing anywhere else on your android phone.

Task Manager: Used to close the instances of apps in use to free RAM.

Storage Manager: Parallel Space storage manager let you manage multiple iterations and file folders easily.

Note: Parallel Space has ceised to support more than 2 accounts to be online at the same time for some apps, eg Whatsapp.

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