How To Access CPanel Within CloudFlare Enabled Website

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After activating CloudFlare on one of my website, I discovered that access to cpanel via was no longer working; instead, it redirects to the home page. So, for all attempt to access cPanel behind CloudFlare, result to a redirect. Here is how I resolved it.

The Problem
Once you modify your domain DNS to point to CloudFlare servers, you cannot access cPanel using

The Solution
CloudFlare allows traffic through the default cPanel ports, 2082 (HTTP) and 2083 (HTTPS).

Hence, to access cPanel with CloudFlare enabled, try any of the following:

  • (over SSL)
  • (if your DNS is still pointing to your web host)

If you wish to access cPanel without going through CloudFlare, try creating a cpanel subdomain –

How to Create cPanel Subdomain in a Shared Hosting Plan

1. Go through the post on how to add subdomain to cloudflare site.

2. After adding the domain, go back to CPanel and add a redirect record to the created subdomain, pointing to (prefered) or, as the case maybe.


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Great, u just saved my day

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Pls note, in some settup, you can only access cpanel through 2083 cpanel port

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