How To Add Subdomain To Cloudflare Site


Depending on how Cloudflare was set up on your website, you may have realized that, newly created subdomains result to 404 or 500 errors. To resolve the issue, follow the following steps to successfully add subdomain to your Cloudflare site.

1. Log into you cpanel account and create a subdomain.
2. Then log into your Cloudflare account and choose one of your site.

Cloudflare menu

3. From the the top menu, select the DNS icon.

Cloudflare dns page

4. Then select the record type from the record type drop-down on the left-hand side. A subdomain will either be an A or CNAME record type.

5. Enter the record name and value.
Click Add Record to finish adding the DNS record.

Whether to orange-cloud your subdomain
According to Cloudflare support, only A and CNAME records that handle web traffic can be proxied by Cloudflare. All other entries that are not web traffic (mail, ftp, etc.) should be turned off – gray cloud.

A gray cloud on the DNS entry means the web traffic is not passing through the Cloudflare network. If you are seeing errors with the new DNS record, it’s likely the hosting provider is not allowing a proxy or the virtual host name is not properly setup. Open a support ticket with your host to resolve the issue.

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