Internet Safety: 15 Security Tips For Safe Internet Browsing

Internet Safety
How secure are you and your data online?

With Cyber crimes on the increase, the Internet is hadly secure for anyone. And with the increasing rate of virus, worms, malware and spyware attacks, Internet Security has become a major concern, more than ever, even for big organizations and average individuals, all over the world.

Ready to experience a safer and secure internet? Do carefully observe and take advantages of the following Security advice as a guideline for your safe internet browsing:

Do the following for Better Internet Safety

Tip #1
Do set up automatic update for your OS to guard against vulnerabilities and exploits.

Tip #2
Do keep your day to day software, such as browsers, Java, Flash and PDF readers, up to date.

Tip #3
Do access the internet through secure connection only, when in public WiFi hotspots.

Tip #4
Do always use up to date firewall and antivirus software – No 1 for your internet safety.

Tip #5
Do ignore unsolicited emails, and be wary of attachments, links, and email forms from unknown people.

Tip #6
Do create strong passwords by using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Tip #7
Do Shop safely. Only sites address that begin with HTTPS (https://) and green padlock are secure for shopping. Only enter your credit card number or other confidential information in such secure and encrypted transaction.

Secure HTTPS
HTTPS secure site as seen on modern Google Chrome browser

Don’t do the following for Better Internet Safety

Tip #8
Don’t use your date of birth for password, it can easily be guessed.

Tip #9
Don’t use the same password for all your electronic business.

Tip #10
Don’t leave your logged on personal computer in public places unattended to.

Tip #11
Don’t open, in case you receive an attachment that you are not sure of what it contain.

Tip #12
Don’t enter confidential information on a website sent via email message.

Tip #13
Don’t download a file from a site you don’t trust, no matter what.

Tip #14
Don’t allow children to use the Internet without guidance and supervision.

Tip #15
Don’t ever relax, always be suspicious. Whenever you see an ads or emails claiming to give you a free iPhone or iPad, ask yourself “Really?”


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What a lovely internet security #tips….


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Tip #5
Do ignore unsolicited emails, and be wary of attachments, links, and email forms from unknown people

Thanks! I dont fail to ignore such emails from unknown and suspicious folks out there most especially when there is attachment indication.

No matter the curiousity…. dangerous

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