7 Nigerian Celebrities That Converted To Islam From Christianity

Of recent, it’s become a common occurrence for top Nigerian celebrities to convert from Christianity to Islam, so much more than the reverse. With each of them stating one or two reasons to have switched from Christianity to Islam, it has become a great concern among Nigerian christian community. What went wrong?

The latest Nollywood star to have joined this trend is Lola Alao.

Lola Alao whose first marriage crashed in 2008 joins other many Nigerian actresses who are now muslims. On July 22, 2016 the popular actress announced her conversion into Islam, and changing her name to Rohdiat. You can read about them below:

Lizzy Anjorin
Lizzy is a popular Yoruba actress. She was born in a Christian family. Soon after she traveled to Mecca for Hajj, she insisted to critics that she has always been a Muslim because her mother is a Muslim as well. However, rumors claimed that her conversion was made because of her new date, an Alhaji – a big boss from Lagos.

Lizzy Ajorin
– Lizzy Anjorin

Liz Da Silva
This Nollywood actress was dating Christian, MC Oluomo, but later she left him for a younger Muslim man Olaoye. They got married and have a baby boy. Because of son, who was named Roheem, she changed her religion. She converted to Islam and adopted the Muslim name Aishat.

Liz Da Silva
– Liz Da Silva

Laide Bakare
After this Nollywood star divorced her Christian husband, she met a rich man from Lagos. His name is Alhaji Tunde Orilowo aka ATM. Because of the union, she converted to Islam and joined his fleet of wives.

Laide Bakare
– Laide Bakare

Moji Olaiya
She has Christian parents, her father is a famous Nigerian singer Victor Olaiya. But due to family troubles, she left her husband and three children and then converted into Islam. She states that Islam gives her more power and inner calm. She commented about the decision in one of her interviews:

“Honestly, Islam is a peaceful religion. The aspect I love most is that you don’t need any pastor to get closer to God. You don’t really need anybody to pray for you. You can always pray on your own and Almighty Allah will answer your prayer without any intermediary. I have been doing that since I became a Muslim and it has always worked for me.”

Moji Olaiya
– Moji Olaiya

Vivian Metchie
This gorgeous Nollywood star was born to Catholic father and a Deeper Life Mother. Then she married a man who was a member of the Redeemed Church. Due to religious confusion, Vivian left Christianity and converted to Islam.

She has once confessed: “It is a personal decision. I understand the Koran more than the Bible… I was probably looking for peace. Yeah! That was what I was looking for and I found it in the Koran.”

Vivian Metchie
– Vivian

Lola Alao

Light complexioned Lola Alao is the newest convert in town. Her switch to the tent of Islam was broken by an Islamic scholar on Facebook and she will now be known as Rohdiat. A perusal of her Instagram page shows that she now sends out greetings in the name of Allah.

Lola Alao
– Lola Alao

In 2013, Alao wedded Wale Ajibola, her second husband, in the United States after her marriage to Dare Ogunlana came to an end in 2008. According to sources, her first marriage crashed after accusations of infidelity and fetish acts surfaced.

Bukky Ajayi
Though many don’t know this. But the late actress who was born a Christian converted to Islam in the 80s. She went ahead to give herself a new name Zainab. Till her death she was a staunch Muslim.

Bukky Ajayi
– Bukky Ajayi


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Money answereth all things

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From a Muslim point of view, I see most of these celeb women converting because of some wealthy men.

But still people should not criticize their choice because there are rich Christian men out there who they can marry and it seems their marriage does not work with these christian men.

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Peace to all

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I’m not surprised at all. All of them have something in common(divorce) which made them switch to another religion..even some of the acclaimed christian actresses still visit alfa’s underneath.
I’m not disturbed anyway. Because even Koran stated that “if you find anything confusing here, you can ask those who read the bible. The truth is already revealing that”

Jesus was the only person that performed miracles in the koran. Muhammad was busy leading his followers to various wars, till he died.

The only woman mentioned in the koran is Marian”mary(the mother of jesus)
Koran said she went to heaven with her physical body. Meaning the assumption of the blessed virgin is written in the koran.

You people should come down from your high horses let me educate you about the koran you studied and didn’t understand since you were kids.

Lots of Muslims converts to Christianity on daily basis, so cut the crap!!!

Koran said Muhammad is dead. And won’t rise again.
Same koran said Jesus is the word of God.
And koran said God created the world through the word(Jesus).
They er just confused being. Surely they need our prayers…

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Maybe it is time for Buhari to islamize Nigeria?

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