Best Internet Security Practices: Top 12 Tips To Guide You

You don’t have to be an expert to have a strong foundation in Internet security. Knowing these internet security DOs and DONTs will really guide you to stay safe online.

Actually, the following online security and privacy tips are worth practising whether you’re a beginner or an experienced internet user.

Internet security
– Be protected online

Important DOs and DONTs for Better Cyber Security

Tip #1
Do set up automatic update for your OS to guard against vulnerabilities and exploits.

Tip #2
Do keep your day to day software, such as browsers, Java, Flash and PDF readers, up to date.

Tip #3
Do always use up-to-date security software like firewall and antivirus.

Tip #4
Do ignore unsolicited emails, and be wary of attachments, links, and email forms from unknown people.

Tip #5
Do create strong passwords by using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Tip #6
Don’t use your date of birth for password, it can easily be guessed.

Tip #7
Don’t use the same password for all your electronic business.

Tip #8
Don’t leave your logged on personal computer in public places unattended to.

Tip #9
Don’t open, in case you receive an attachment that you are not sure of what it contain.

Tip #10
Don’t enter confidential information on a website sent via email message.

Tip #11
Don’t allow children to use the Internet without guidance and supervision.

Tip #12
Don’t shop via an unsecure website. Only sites address that begin with HTTPS (https://) and green padlock are secure for shopping. Only enter your credit card number or other confidential information in such secure and encrypted transaction.


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Also remember:
Don’t download a file from untrusted site.

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