5 ASIDE: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Google AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages or Google AMP is an open source initiative aimed at improving the speed and user experience of the web for mobile users.

It does so by serving pages with the most minimal HTML and JavaScript. This allows the content to be hosted on Google AMP Cache. Google can thereafter serve the cached version to users instantly when they click on your link in the search results.

Google AMP

Google AMP was all-together a promising and charming bride until some disenchanted and dissatisfied bloggers started making public their concerns and discovery about many misgivings and disadvantages of Google AMP.

Outlined herein are the pros and cons of Google AMP for your informed decision.

Advantages of Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP

If significant portion of your traffic comes from mobile searches, then you stand to benefit from adding AMP support to improve speed and maintain your SEO.

1. Improved Search rankings
Page speed has increased in importance as a ranking factor for website. This means quick AMP page is a boost and a great advantage in search ranking.

2. Traffic Growth
It’s been widely reported that those publishers that have implemented AMP are seeing increased traffic. This is likely to be linked to Google’s increasing surfacing of AMP pages, alongside users becoming more informed.

3. A free CDN
The most notable adavantage of Google AMP is its success in speeding up pages through Google’s caching of AMP content. Publishers can modify URLs to serve content directly from the Google AMP Cache – a completely free CDN.

4. Increased Visibility
Mobile audience and browsing continues to rise. With many web publishers recording up to 50% of traffic coming from mobile search, proper implementation of AMP will certainly result to more visibility to mobile audience.

5. Great Alternative to Responsive Design
AMP should be a high priority for your website, if you’re yet to switch your website to mobile friendly or responsive design. Google AMP will save you all the trouble of mobile optimization with a straightforward result, in most cases.

Disadvantages of Google AMP

While SEO experts claim that Google AMP will help you rank higher in Google, there are several challenges and disadvantages of AMP for website owners, bloggers, and marketers.

1. Decrease in Conversion Rates
AMP uses a restrictive set of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Therefore, with AMP, site owners cannot do much about encouraging users to subscribe, fill out contact forms, or even buy stuff.

2. Much Limitation
I love freedom! But AMP uses highly limited set of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This means you cannot add certain widgets and features to your mobile AMP website. This limits your ability to add smart email optin forms, social interaction, etc.

3. Only Google Analytics
While Google AMP supports Google Analytics, it does not support many other analytics platforms. Same goes for advertising options which are limited to selected few advertising platforms.

4. Poor Pageviews by Mobile Users
AMP does not show your website’s navigation menus, sidebars, or other content discovery features. This causes significant drop in pageviews by mobile users. The worst is that the close button on top actually encourages users to return back to Google search after reading your article instead of browsing your website.

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5. It Lower User Engagement
Many websites thrive on user interactions, like social widgets, user ratings, comments, optin forms and so on. However, Google AMP makes it quite difficult for website owners to keep users engaged and interact with their content.


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My main concern is that, my content should be my content and my content alone. Dislike giving Google the power to shove me aside.

My concern anyway!

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Just implemented AMP on my wordpress. But when I go to my domain.com/amp It doesnt show home page, but it shows blog post page. How can I change it to where it shows home page?

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@jsong take note:

Under the AMP Plugin. Go to AMP/Getting Started/Homepage then enable AMP Frontpage –> custom amp front page. Then, just below that you will select your homepage from the drop down menu. It should work from now.

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