Interesting Blog Post Titles: 10 Tips To Write The Best

With every Tom and Jerry already written or about to write on the same subject as yours, how can you successfully distinguish yourself from the crowd by attracting the right audience to read that wonderful masterpiece of a blog post that you are about to write? Good content is good and great design is also great, but the most important part of writing a blog post is the post title.

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Whether you are optimizing your content for social media sharing or for search engine, you really need catchy post title to generate better attention. To successfully grab the attention of your potential audience, it is highly important to always choose interesting blog post titles or headlines to go with.

Blog traffic generation can be a lot easier, if only you can muster at least a little enthusiasm for the post title. The more excited you can be about your title, the more excited your potential audience will equally be, on coming across your blog post title on any medium such as search engine result, social media sharing, bookmarking site, email messages and many more. Now, let take a look at this smart 10 tips on how to write a blog post title that wins.

1. Spend Quality Time on Your Titles

Like we rightly noted above, “the most important part of writing a blog post is the title.” If that be the case, then spending at least 20 minutes to create a powerful blog post headline is not out of place. After all, what is the essence of having an excellent blog post if the title cannot effortlessly attract clicks from your potential audience?

To successfully sell your ideas, products or services, you need appearance, first of all. Appearance begets attention, attention begets conviction and conviction begets SALE. Without quality attention grabbing post title, your idea or post may end up not creating meaningful impact, though it received thousands of appearances. So, taking extra care and a good amount of time to equip your post title with powerful force of attraction would be most rewarding; as a matter of fact, it is highly recommended by the Doctor himself.

2. Use Fancy & Curiosity Triggering Adjectives

As you are already aware, adjectives are words that describe or qualify nouns or pronouns. Fancy and curiosity are embedded in adjectives like Ultimate, Effortless, Interesting, Exceptional, Ridiculous, Classic, Stunning, Fun, Free, Incredible, Catchy, Essential, Absolute, Strange and Impressive. These adjectives can help in either decorating the post title or triggering curiosity on your potential audience. Triggering curiosity is one of the powerful blog writing tips that cannot be overlooked. Use it in your post title, and watch your audience “dropping like its hot.”


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The word “Ultimate”, “Catchy” and “Strange” will most certainly ensure that its respective title performs better than without it.

3. Get Inspired by Others

As you travel along the web, chances are that you have come across dozens of great blog post titles that made you to say “WOW!” Such titles, if well documented, can go a long way in inspiring you to create awesome blog post titles that could make your audience to reciprocate by saying “WOW!” too.

I once came across Matthew Barby’s post title that read thus – Zero to Million: An SEO Blueprint. I need not to tell you that the title is already chilling inside my inspiration file. So, start documenting interesting post titles where you can draw inspiration thereafter for smart blog post title ideas.

4. Use Numbered List

Study has shown that internet users click links with numbers more often than their unnumbered counterpart. Use words like Tips, Reasons, Smart, Principles, Secrets, Tricks, Facts, Ideas, Ways and Lessons when list blog post is the case. Those words can make an already boring blog post title come alive.

Example: 10 Secrets You Must Know to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Effortlessly

5. Writing Misleading Post Title is Prohibited

So you have successfully coined an awesome title for your blog post? That is wonderful and I congratulate you for that. But it will be counterproductive, if your content doesn’t live up to your wonderful title. Such is synonymous to saying goodbye to your returning visitors and conversions and a warm welcome to bad reputation. Remember, you need a great deal of trust to break even on the web and not otherwise. You can deceive your audience to visit your blog initially, but you can’t deceive them to return willingly.

Often time, I have refused clicking on an interesting search result for simply pointing to a website that had previously played smart on me. So, to encourage both your existing and potential audience to return later on, avoid dubious post title schemes that will later turn back to jeopardize your entire effort.

6. Use The Right Keyword

It is highly important to note that some keywords have high search frequency than the others. The joy behind spending precious time writing blog posts is to generate traffic to your blog. And if that be the case, you must be ready at all time to maximize your post traffic potentials.

Google Keyword Planner
You may have great Twitter followers or Facebook fans, but if your blog posts are not performing well in organic search, then you have ‘just’ started. Google Keyword Planner tool is your number one friend in this case. You can use it to among other functions, compare keywords monthly search frequency, to enable you decide and prioritize keyword usage on both title and the post body as well.

Right keywords usage on the title not only encourages better SEO performance but also click through rate (CTR). Given that you have written a post about making money through writing blog posts, the post will perform better if given a title that will directly reflect the content of the post. “How to Make Money Through Professional Writing” and “How to Make Money Through Writing Blog Posts” are both talking about making money through writing, but the later is specifically targeting ‘blog posts’ keyword which the post is all about.

7. Position Keywords Near the Beginning of Your Post Titles

As long as your keywords can still retain its relevance, study has proved that positioning your keywords near or at the very beginning of your post title is a very good SEO practice. Assuming you have keywords like “delicious meals,” instead of making use of “Simplifying Delicious Meals Routine” as your title, you can easily rewrite it as “Delicious Meals Routine Simplified.”

Moreover, placing your main keyword at the end of the title can sometime be detrimental to click through rate (CTR) performance, most especially when the title is a long one. Example: Revealed: 10 Great Procedures to Follow Before and After Writing Your Blog Post. Given this kind title, it will be difficult for such post to rank well for the keyword ‘blog post’ or ‘writing blog post’, since it will be clipped off for being too long for search engine result page (SERP) display.

8. Keep it Short

Depending on where your blog post headline will be displaying, it is better you keep your headline short yourself or get it shortened by your host platform. Do you want this post to rank really well in search engine results? Then keep the title under 65 characters so it doesn’t get cut off during search engine results display.

To effectively optimize your title for social sharing, try keeping it less than or equal to 110 words (plus 22+ shortened post url characters). Though Twitter has recently lifted their limit of 140 characters maximum for tweets, the limit is still enforced on tweets by apps. And even though you may not envisage using automated app to tweet your blog post for now, there are many app services that may develop interest in tweeting your blog post. So, to be on a safer side, keep it short! With continuous practice, crafting short blog post title ideas will soon be an easy task.

9. Use What, Why, When and How To

Like the adjectives above, these words can also trigger curiosity. And like numbered list, “How To” blog post title tend to generate more clicks than the averages. Example: “How To Cook Delicious Pounded Yam in 5 Easy Steps”, Why Your Blog is not Generating Impressive Results

Using What, Why, When or ‘how to’ indicate that you know what rea happened, why it really happened, when it really happened or how it can really be encouraged to happen.

10. Use Blog Title Generators

Hubspot Blog Title Generator

In case you are too busy to carefully observe or follow the above procedures, you can also use blog post title generator to achieve the same purpose. Using online blog title generating tools is actually the easiest and quickest way to generate blog post titles.

Just enter a few keywords and the generator will do the rest and present you with some titles. There are many blog post title generators out there, but Hubspot Blog Topic Generator and ContentForest’s Ideator are my favorites.

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“The most important part of writing a blog post is the title.” YES!!! I agree with this point wholeheartedly. Keep it up.

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Excellente! I always tell my downlines, that if they can spend hours to create quality content, they should equally sacrifice quality time to really brainstorm on the post title. It can really help and even when you least expect it.

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If you want to be perfect, write down about 20 title variation from your subject and choose one with greater potential.

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Ndanusa Gladys:

If you want to be perfect, write down about 20 title variation from your subject and choose one with greater potential.

What? You mean I should write 19 blog post titles for the recycle bin? Isn’t that a way too much?
Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by.

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