WAR: NITEL Returns With 4G Cheaper Data Services

That awesome moment when you think Nitel is dead and gun for life, and you just woke up one morning seeing NITEL Advert again. The good news is Nitel is coming back with full force to take over the telecom industry. Not NITEL again but Nigerian Telecommunication (NTEL).

This time around, NTEL will focus on Data services at the onset; maybe the’ve noticed people consumed data much than they make calls.
However, NATCOM Consortium, the winner of the bid for the moribund Nigerian Telecommunications Limited, is planning to roll out services next month.

The consortium will launch 4G Long Term Evolution Technology (LTE) services suggesting that the revamped NITEL may focus on data services from the outset. Come next month been November, 4G data services will be launch in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt before it will finally roll out to other states.

I guess the return of NITEL will even make data more cheaper and other Telecom industry seat up. If you don’t know, NITEL had broadband facilities that traversed the entire country and that once revived, it would boost transmission of broadband capacities from the shores of Nigeria to places in the hinterlands, where the demand is high.
If your device is not 4G supported, then it’s time to port with ease.


Source: Yomiprof


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This is what I expected long ago. Make it cheap for all and watch all of us switch over to NITEL.
Talking about 1k for 5GB for a start.

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What a welcome development. I hope it will be better than glo and faster than MTN.

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My major concern is if the service is going to be available for consumers nationwide. Bring it on.

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What a long wait?

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