What Mostly Cunsume People’s Time On The Internet

With the world internet usage statistics already above 3 billions Internet users worldwide, one begins to wonder – what are people actually or mostly attract people to the Internet? From Asia to Africa, Europe and Middle East, Internet usage statistics has shown astronomical increase over the years.

Browsing from home, work, Internet café or many other locations and armed with desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices, Internet users are increasingly becoming more sophisticated day-by-day.

So, what exactly do you want from the Internet? On average, what consumes most of your Internet time?

Teenage Boy Sitting On Sofa At Home Using Tablet Computer


01: Presidential Poll: Goodluck Vs Buhari


30 VOTES (25.42%)


11 VOTES (9.32%)


23 VOTES (19.49%)

Social Media

20 VOTES (16.95%)

Watching Video

34 VOTES (28.81%)

118 Total Votes Casts So Far.

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I use internet mostly for reading news and for work. You understand na?

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Social Media and News

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Why do you ask? What do u need the info for?
Well….. for me? Na video sure pass, news come follow

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