While some ladies are ignorantly or otherwise, scared of having sex during pregnancy, others find it very appealing and exceptionally pleasurable. Except your doctor advised otherwise, it is very safe and healthy to have sex while pregnant → Best And Safe Sex Positions During Pregnancy With Illustration

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President Obama promised on Wednesday to ensure a smooth handover of power to Donald Trump come January. He acknowledged “significant differences” on major issues with his elected successor but declared that Americans are “all on the same t → Donald Trump Victory: We Are All On The Same Team – Obama

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The Political adage of “no permanent enemy, no permanent friend” still hold sway. Just yesterday, Chimamanda Adichie was jubilating for the victory of President Buhari in the polls after stylishly campaigning for him, but today the story h → Chimamanda Adichie Joins To Condemn Buhari’s Govt

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Now that the umbrella is torn, who will deliver us from this terible rainy season?

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