Buhari should be in a nursing home, not a . . . on Buhari Forgot Osinbajo’s Name During His Owerri Rally - Jan '15

Mr Man, please shut that thing before . . . on Group Petitions Military Board, INEC Over Buhari Certificate Scandal - Jan '15

Report reaching me indicates that APC presidential flag bearer, General Muhammadu Buhari forgot the name of his running mate, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo during APC rally in Owerri. And to confound his woe, Reno Omokri went on twitting spree to moc → Buhari Forgot Osinbajo’s Name During His Owerri Rally

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For many decades, the people of the South East of Nigeria had to fly to other regions just to board an international flight, it took a man named Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to correct this unexplainable injustice.
Two weeks ago Vice president N → PDP Presidential Campaign In Enugu For GEJ 2015

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We have built schools all over the country. When they were in power, they could not build even one nursery school block? They only built prisons. And today, they are promising to come back to build more prisons for you. But we will build mo… more »

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