A lecturer walked into a class room and announced to the students that there will be an emergency test… He went straight to the black board and wrote the instructions which states:
1) Time: 15 minutes
2) No copying
3) No cancellation of ans → Ladies And Their Favourite Foods – Joke

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On Air Personalty, OAP Daddy Freeze of Cool FM has come out publicly to state his preference of Igbo women over Yoruba women even as a Yoruba man himself. His word:
“I kinda agree especially since I am a Yoruba myself. From my ‘little’ expe → I Prefer An Igbo Woman To Yoruba Woman Anyday – Daddy Freeze

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Donald Trump’s journey to greatness began after he took over his father real estate business and construction firm in 1971, which he later renamed “The Trump Organization” and took it to a greater level.

– Donald Trump
The company now own → Donald Trump Net Worth And Biography

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Popular Nigerian artist, Falvour Nabania have decided to promote African culture with his music. The talented 32 year old, multiple Awards winner, shared shirtless photos of himself with only African print wrapper around his waist from behi → Flavour Celebrates Igbo Culture With New Video

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There are different Types Of Banks (girls) In Nigeria:

1. A girl who asks for money all the time is called “Commercial Bank”
2. A girl who calls you for food always is called “Agricultural Development Bank” grin
3. A girl that uses your mo → 12 Funny Types Of Nigerian Girls

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