Parallel Space is an application that is programmed to allow its users to manage two or more different user accounts for any app installed on their Android device. With Parallel Space, you can clone and run multiple social and game accoun How To Run Multiple WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram On Android With Parallel Space

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Mumuni, a Yoruba student, was asked to translate the following sentences into his favourite language, and behold his almost intelligent translations:
1. It took time before the fish died… Ans: “EJA CU LATE”
2. I put JERRY in a CAN… Ans: “JE → Hilarious Translations Of A Yoruba Olodo

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A man who bed-wets regularly decided to see a psychiatrist for a possible psychotherapy for his health disorder, and the following conversation ensued.
PSYCHIATRIST: Does a dream usually precede your bed-wetting?
MAN: Yes.
PSYCHIATRIST: Tel → A Psychiatrist And His Bed-Wetting Patient

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The Android OS in general is fast becoming hacker’s playground. Given that it is one of the most popular and most utilized mobile OS, malicious developers and hackers are discovering new ways of exploiting existing loopholes within Android → 10 Serious Signs That Your Android Phone May Be Infected With Virus Or Malware

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Reports have continued to emerge with indications that China has ventured into large scale production of fake plastic rice for exportation to Africa and other continents.

Plastic rice comparison
The fake rice as made in China is reportedly Plastic Rice Test: 6 Tips On How To Identify Plastic Rice

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Yes! For those who care to know, Nigeria is currently in a deep, record breaking economic recession.
Even though, it’s no longer a news that Nigeria is currently in such a serious and difficult economic recession, with absolutely no clear How To Survive Nigeria’s Economic Recession, 12 Important Steps

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Raymond had told Grace that most adults are hiding at least one dark secret; which actually makes it very easy to blackmail them by just saying – “I know the whole truth.”
Grace decided to go home to try it out. She got home and ran into h → JOKE: I Know The Whole Truth

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It is no more a news that Nigeria is currently in a serious economic recession — with no clear assurance that it will end soon. What is new however, is learning how to survive this Nigeria’s worst economic recession in 30 years. Bellow is a → Hilarious Short Nigerian Comedy Collection

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Three criminals appeared in a court to receive their punishment. The judge echoed: I will give it corresponding to the number of things you have stolen. The first man received just a year for a can of sardine. The second one got 30 years fo… more »

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Residents of Sokoto state on Thursday, gave the former President a rousing welcome when he visited the Sultan of Sokoto and the family of his former National Security Advisers, Dasuki Sambo over the death of late Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki a fo → Goodluck Jonathan: Sokoto Residents Beg GEJ To Come Back As President

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