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From a Muslim point of view, I see most of these celeb women converting because of some wealthy men.

But still people should not criticize their choice because there are rich Christian men out there who they can marry and it seems their marriage does not work with these christian men.

Sycophancy has taken over us…

It was still this Adichie woman that praised Buhari last year when he won the election, saying GEJ Regime had failed her and everything crappy about GEJ …She’s now speaking against Because her tribes people are being killed….let’s stop this behavior and stand for the truth…we need writers like her and Soyinka to preach to Nigerians to see the light… what has Adichie done to effect moral and social development? apart from loaning us extremism of feminist ideas?

What the Fulani’ herdsmen are doing is so wrong… but what did you expect when you supported a fanatic?

We are gradually getting there. #ChangeIsHere
But Buhari should not concentrate his effort in the north only.

Where are TANoids and the #GEJTill2019 crew members. I told them. #UpBaba

Last minute propaganda. Jonathan turned his back on Nigerians and now we Nigerians are turning our backs on him.


We want change ! We want Buhari He is the right man for the job.

Sai baba
Sai buhari

Jonah is clueless !

Congrat to barca, infact una don make me proud….

Like Barca like Buhari

And the COUNT DOWN continues.

To be or not to be?

Buhari is already stealing the show, lets wait pertiently for March 28 to celebrate CHANGE.
#WindOfChange is blowing everywhere…..

This is a welcome development

What is the cost all these our made in Nigeria cars? Can the average Nigerians buy it?
I would like to know the difference between the price of imported ones and the ones assembled in Nigeria.

No thanks