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Just visit Setting > Permalinks and then click save to update the setting.

@jsong take note:

Under the AMP Plugin. Go to AMP/Getting Started/Homepage then enable AMP Frontpage –> custom amp front page. Then, just below that you will select your homepage from the drop down menu. It should work from now.

Thanks @sly and thanks once again for stopping by….


Yes, many people will go through the trouble of opening a social account, maybe uploading a photo or adding a few facts here and there and then leave it at that. But when recruiters are your utmost need, dont forget your summary or leave it incomplete

Thanks for the info

For me ooo…
I would rather spend my time reading and energy studying how to become a millionaire and then watch how girls try to win me.

Well I’ve noticed that sometimes… but AadMeFast is a big social exchanger in terms of their user base. Try them again

Pls note, in some settup, you can only access cpanel through 2083 cpanel port