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Thanks for stopping by… I use LinkCollider personally

Tip #5
Do ignore unsolicited emails, and be wary of attachments, links, and email forms from unknown people

Thanks! I dont fail to ignore such emails from unknown and suspicious folks out there most especially when there is attachment indication.

No matter the curiousity…. dangerous

@akpan thanks for reading and more so for your question.
Actually, except where the other program has other features beside firewall, e.g antivirus, it is not advisable to have two active firewall application running simultaneosly.

Except again you wish to turn off Windows firewall intead. But even with that option, you will still have to endure occassional firewall alert for approval or otherwise for most programs that should have been taken care of by your firewall rules. This is one major reason, I fell in love with WFWAS

King of traffic?
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Ok… tnx

Nawa ooo! So, even ladies too dey pretend?

Thanks for this all important info…. I have been suspect my Android phone, now I have to monitor it closely with these clues.