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There was tension in Enugu on Friday, following the killing of two persons during a bloody clash between some Igbo and Fulani at Gariki Market, Enugu.
Those killed were identified as one Ali, a Fulani man and Ifeanyi Ifeacho, an Igbo man.
V → Igbo And Fulani Clash In Enugu: 2 Killed, Mosque Burnt

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Occasionally, I see and hear good guys get intimidated by girl’s beauty, to the extent that they find it very difficult to approach or woo such girls.
You may have seen a girl which you think is perfect to spend the rest of your life wit → 10 Steps To Win A Girl’s Heart In 10 Days

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There are thousands of acronyms covering the automobile industry. Hence, even an average car technician can be confused occasionally as a result of an unfamiliar automobile acronyms.
Get your brain refreshed with this list of 50 automobi → 50 Automobile Acronyms And Their Meanings

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You may have become too familiar with popular car acronyms or car brand names from around the world e.g KIA, Toyota, Volvo, etc. But, what you may not be clearly familiar with is the meaning of those car names?

So, what is the meaning of → Popular Car Acronyms And Their Meaning

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Black Friday is synonymous with cheap and discounted prices for goods and services. So, in a bid to get goods at cheaper rates as a result of Black Friday, Lagosians overcrowded the Ikeja branch of Shoprite Mall in Lagos yesterday.
This was → #BlackFriday: Lagosians Overcrowd Shoprite Mall In Ikeja, Lagos

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It’s been a happy moment for this young lady who recently welcomed a set of quadruplets on her first delivery in Bauchi state.
The new mother has become a star in Toro Local Government area of the state as a result of the rarity of quadrup → Quadruplets: Young Bauchi Lady Gives Birth To Four Babies In Her First Delivery

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My dad and mum were watching American movie one cool evening when I got attracted by the sound of the movie. I decided to join them, and as we were watching the movie, a young boy of my age started romancing his madam’s sister.
They eventua → When Dad And Mum Were Watching American Movie

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When you eventually pay a visit to a Mental Hospital, or just passing by, mind your business. In case of any distraction, keep focused, keep moving, don’t look back.

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Media personality, Toke Makinwa who recently turned 32 years old has kicked off the journey to launch her book, ‘On Becoming’. Toke that prides herself for being one of the most fashionable personalities in the country, stepped out for the → Toke Makinwa Steps Out In A Stylish Sheer Print Dress

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Paul Okoye of P-Square fame shared a throwback photo of him and his lovely wife, Anita in celebration of her birthday, today, 8th November 2016. Peter took to Instagram to share the age-long picture, calling her his ‘Neck Duo.” His word:
“ → Paul Okoye Celebrates Anita’s Birthday With A Throwback Photo

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